FPL Dugout World Cup is here!

After the long wait for the McDonalds game to launch the wait is finally over and here comes the FPL Dugout Tournament that will keep us entertained until FPL 2014/15 is released.

FPL Dugout have branched out this World Cup and will be running alongside the main McDonalds game the Sun Dream Team and Fox Sports game also for those who think the McDonalds game is a little intense.

There’s not much time left so get picking your squads and make sure you log into the live chat room for some sound advice and lively banter.

Good luck!

The links are as follows:

McDonalds FPL Dugout main game – Search FPL Dugout World Cup

Sun Dream Team – 8126785 password luckykevo

Fox Sports – 6249-1375