FPL Dugout League Cup sign up details, draw dates and prize information

Firstly thank you to everyone that has signed up so far. As of 4am Saturday morning I think the count was 70 players!

Secondly if you haven’t signed up yet for our free FPL Dugout League Cup game then never fear because there is still time! But don’t delay any more and sign up right away!

Sign up for the FPL Dugout League Cup here

Right now that is out of the way, let’s go over a few of the details…

Sign up closure

As stated sign up is still open for people that would like to get involved! Sign up will close at midnight English time on Thursday evening. That is 30th August. So if you want to play you have to sign up before then.

Sign up for the FPL Dugout League Cup here

Draw details

As Dudu has pointed out the FPL Dugout League Cup will be starting in Gameweek 3, which starts September 1st. The draw will take place Thursday at midnight as the entry is closed.

Each further draw for following rounds will be completed the day after the end of the previous round, i.e. if a Gameweek ends on Monday the draw for the next round will be on Tuesday midnight (I live in America you see, strange time zone).

Gameweek 3 details

The Gameweek 3 draw is classed as a qualifying round. As in the real League Cup the lower division teams have a round before the Premier League teams come in, so does the FPL Dugout League Cup.

The number of ties in this round will be determined by the number of teams entered.

Example. If 70 was the final count, only 64 teams would make it into the Last 64 round in Gameweek 4. So, 12 teams would play in Gameweek 3 for 6 spots where they would join the remaining 58 teams who would effectively receive a bye.

Example. If we end up with 100 teams, still only 64 team would make it into the Last 64 round in Gameweek 4. So, 72 teams would play in Gameweek 3 for 36 spots where they would join the remaining 28 teams who would effectively receive a bye.

Gameweek 3 seeding

I would assume that some of you have heard of the UEFA coefficient or the clubs coefficient. If you haven’t let me explain it. Each team has a coefficient which is basically a way to seed teams. Then all the best teams go in pot A and so on to the worse teams ending up in pot D.

Well here at FPL Dugout, we have an FPL Dugout coefficient. Each time you play in an FPL Dugout game, be it MSA Prediction Game, the FPL Dugout Champions League, or even just being in the FPL Dugout League, you gain points. Of course the better you do the more points you get!

So if needed to work out who will receive a bye, and act as “the Premier League” teams we shall use the FPL Dugout coefficient. Since we have so many new players who have the same value (entering the FPL Dugout League Cup and the FPL Dugout League), in their case whoever signed up first will be given preference.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, then please don’t worry. It’s all 100% fair and you don’t have to work anything out so just be happy and know there is some science behind all that happens!

Further round details

Gameweek 4 – Last 64 round
Gameweek 5 – Last 32 round
Gameweek 6 – Last 16 round
Gameweek 7 – Quarter Finals
Gameweek 8 – Semi Finals 1st Leg
Gameweek 9 – Semi Finals 2nd Leg
Gameweek 10 – Final

Prize information

Since the site is growing, it’s only right that the games do! And also the prizes!

So thanks to Aaron Clements, the founder of this website, the winner of the FPL Dugout League Cup will receive a spanking prize!

Well kind of, better than a prize I feel. The winner of the FPL Dugout League Cup will get to nominate a charity of his or her choosing and FPL Dugout will donate 20 live squid, or 20 pounds if you would rather, to the winner’s chosen charity! Now you can’t say fairer than that!

So all that is left to say is … let the games (almost) begin and may the best manager win!