FPL Dugout League Cup – Round of 32 Draw

Firstly, sorry this draw took so long to do. I moved house this week. No more excuses again! Next week will be rapid sharp.

So anyway, wasn’t that a strange fantasy week? And boy did it show in the Round of 64 scores! Teams who averaged 70, 80 or even higher in the first 3 weeks returned scores in the 20, 30 and 40 range. What this meant was a lot of teams that did well in the first few weeks bowed out at the round of 64!

Tony managed to just edge out Dudu in what I thought was the tie of the round by a score of 45-43!  Closer than that match, though, were the 2 draws! Andy B has to count himself the unluckiest person in the draw, drawing 33-33 with Nicola. He then lost 75-74 on countback! Ouch! Nicola was lucky not only there, but also with her score of 33, she is the lowest scoring person to make it through!

Johannes Juselius, our league leader, managed to sneak through 54-50 over Dchnew.  Of the FPL Dugout contributors, AaronSleno and Mesh went through but there were early exits for Marco Del Wattsio, Dudu and Shiva.

Now on to the Round of 32 draw, and I’m sorry to say that no tie jumps out to me, so here are just a couple of thoughts … Riba de Sella will have the task of trying to defeat the possible unbeatable, Johannes Juselius. Phil C, after knocking out Shiva, will have a bash at also taking down Owen.

If you want to see the whole draw, I suggest you check the fixtures and results page! And may the best teams win!