FPL Dugout League Cup – Round of 16 Draw

Another week with unexpected players dropped, and unexpected players over performing saw a fair few more big names fall into the waste side in the FPL Dugout League Cup, so now only 16 remain and the Final is now in sight (well maybe not, but getting there)!

Ross C managed to sneak through with a score of 40, but Daniel lost with a score of 60, which is just another indication that in the Cup it really is about getting a good draw and hoping for the best!

Aaron and Mesh are left to carry the FPL Dugout Contributor flag after Sleno bowed out, but with both going strong, the dream of a Contributor winning is still very much alive. Tony seems to come alive when there is a Cup competition and watch out for Sleno’s dark horse yet again this year.

Phil C is fast making a name for himself: Shiva in the last round wasn’t enough for him, as this round he took down Owen, and is soon becoming one to watch!

Johannes Juselius may well be first in the league but isn’t in the FPL Dugout League Cup, as he came up against the round’s top scorer, Riba de Sella, who scored 74 points.

Now onto the draw … with just 8 ties, there were sure to be some good ones, so here are my top 4 picks!

Ant couldn’t have been more excited about his round of 32 draw, and he wasn’t wrong as he took down Andy Pen, and his reward is a tie against our founder Aaron.

Riba de Sella’s reward for smoking JJ is a match against Mesh.

Phil C can’t just stop drawing high class FPL Dugout regulars, and this round he will come up against Tony.

Villa Simon is having another strong year and in the last 16 he will take on Mark B who strolled into the last 16 with no problems.

If you want to see the whole draw, I suggest you check the fixtures and results page! And may the best teams win!