FPL Dugout League Cup – Quarter Final Draw

Well Fantasy Premier League (FPL) finally got their act together, changed a few bonuses, put in auto subs and well now that means we have a draw on our hands!

So as with any cup competition you see good teams fall, some teams lose on bonus, some win by a mile, however our 8 got here and they are now touching distance from the final!

Let’s have a look at a few of the characters we have left…

The Favourite: Aaron

With just 8 teams left it’s time to start looking for a winner, and well you don’t have to look much further than Aaron. Not only does he run this little old website, but he is also blessed with a very knowledgeable football brain. Now you might disagree because he is a Villa fan, but inspite of that little fact, there is no doubt he is among the very best, and he is installed as our 3-1 favourite for the FPL Dugout League Cup!

The Nearly Man: Villa Simon

Always the bridesmaid never the bride has been the case for Villa Simon so far in his FPL Dugout life! 5th in the league last year, 7th in last years FPL Dugout Champions League, and 4th in last years MSA Prediction Game, he is a man who knows what he is doing! But as yet his time has not come, but his time surely will come, and maybe the FPL Dugout League Cup is that time … he is our 2nd favourite at 4-1.

The Dark Horse: Phil C

Not only the dark horse, but also the fans favourite. His gracious winning spirit has been great to see, and even though he has taken Kopoci NagoyeShivaOwen and most recently Tony, he has never grown a big head and maybe isn’t so much of a dark horse as a bright shining one! But still, on the FPL Dugout scene he is a new name around here, and surely his run has to end some time doesn’t it? Well who knows, but he is still our dark horse, and you can back him at 8-1.

Other Odds

Chris Poland 5-1

Stiggers 6-1

Scotty B 7-1

Riba de Sella 7-1

Andy Par 8-1

And if you’re wondering where the odds come from … you should wonder a little more!

So I guess you want to know who has who eh?

Well why not check out the fixtures and results page to find out!

Good luck to all 8 teams, and remember the Semis are 2 legs so if you’re going to luck your way through, this may be the last chance!