FPL Dugout League Cup open for entrants

While many of you have been twiddling your thumbs over the summer, we here at FPL Dugout have not!

The release of the 13/14 FPL game was not the only release. If you have not noticed the FPL Dugout League Cup is also open for entrants.

The League Cup is the first of three cup competitions run throughout the season, and will be followed by the FA Cup and Champions League later in the season.

The League Cup is run along similar lines of the real thing. Each round is a knockout, with the winner progressing and moving one step closer to having their name in lights as well as gaining bragging rights.

The official start of the League Cup is Gameweek 3, and will be concluded in Gameweek 9.

Please note if there are more than 128 entrants on August 20th at midnight (GMT) then Gameweek 2 will become a qualifying round.

Read the rules and join the FPL Dugout League Cup now.