FPL Dugout League Cup Final

It’s funny how things sneak up on you! I thought that time was on my side due to the 2-legged Semi final, but the time has just flown by and on our hands we have ourselves the first FPL Dugout Cup final of the year!

May I firstly say well done to Aaron and Chris Poland. Making it all the way to the Semi finals before bowing out might seem a hard pill to swallow. Some would rather lose in the last 32, than have the pain of losing in the last 4. But I am not one of those people. Both of these guys had a great League Cup, and making the last 4 is something to be proud of!

With that said it’s only right that we turn our attention to our 2 finalists: Villa Simon and Riba de Sella. Two top guys, and by their performance also two top managers! Both won both legs of their Semi finals and this means 7 wins for Riba and 6 wins for Villa (one less because of his bye).

So what a great final we have! Riba was an unknown before the cup started, and Simon is a regular, and one of the nicest guys around!

Simon is sitting 7,578 overall and 17th in FPL Dugout compared to Riba’s 10,176 overall, and not in the FPL Dugout league. Both teams share very similar defences and midfields from what I can see, but it’s up top where the teams are totally different. For Simon it’s Berbatov, Suarez and Torres V Riba’s Aguero, Van Persie and Defoe.

For me this is where the final will be decided, and I have to say I feel that Riba might just be the favorite! But we know Simon is a top manager and he might just have a rabbit up his sleeve!

May the best man win, and if you need a little motivation, then I am happy to announce the winner will receive a place in the Champions League Group Stage!

Now if that sounds like something you would like and you’re not Riba or Simon, never fear, the FPL Dugout FA Cup is almost upon us and the winner of that will receive the same reward!