FPL Dugout League Cup 2014/15

The League Cup is FPL Dugout’s first 2014/15 cup competition, which will be followed by everyone’s favourite, the Champions League, later in the season.

The competition will include all 20 of FPL Dugout’s Chatters H2H league, plus a number of others that currently or have posted on chat. Links to the live draw will be posted on chat throughout the competition.

Here are the all important numbers on the balls:

  1. Aaron
  2. Sleno
  3. Shiva
  4. Mesh
  5. Marco
  6. Kevo
  7. Ash
  8. Sean
  9. Alex
  10. Ant
  11. Cooky
  12. Tom
  13. Bivash
  14. Villa Simon
  15. Luke
  16. Johnny W
  17. Bryan
  18. Scott
  19. Stunes
  20. Tony
  21. WP
  22. Liam
  23. Michael
  24. Richard C
  25. Mo Ali
  26. Andy P
  27. FFF
  28. Steve D
  29. Chris W
  30. David C
  31. MGA
  32. Cillian

FPL Dugout League Cup Rules

The FPL Dugout League Cup starts in Gameweek 12 and will conclude in Gameweek 18. The format is based on the real League Cup.

Round 1 is two legged, as are the semi-finals, however all other rounds are a straight knockout, with the winner progressing and the loser going out of the competition.

Points hits will be taken off your round score.

In the case of a tie, the score from the previous round will be the deciding factor.

Good luck and let the banter begin!