FPL Dugout FA Cup sign up open

Firstly before we get onto the FPL Dugout FA Cup, let me say congratulations once again to Villa Simon for his FPL Dugout League Cup victory!

I am happy to announce that 20 very fine squid has been donated to Villa Simon’s chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. The charity is very dear to Simon’s heart and he has been raising money himself for them by doing various activities.

This year he has taken part in a 20-hour cycle across 2 days and the Great South Run just 2 weeks ago to raise money for them. A very worthy charity and if you would like to support them you can do so via Simon’s fundraising page.

FPL Dugout FA Cup

Now, after the great success of the League Cup, with 100-odd managers pitting their skills against each other, we don’t have time to even take a breath before the next competition is upon us (unless you went out in the qualifying round I guess!).

This is it: the … FPL Dugout FA Cup sign up thread

There is a debate about which league is best, some argue for England, some for Spain, some may even try to argue for the German or Italian league. But when it comes to domestic cups, there is nothing that rivals the FA Cup. Traffic stops throughout the country. TV’s are in demand. 90,000 fans at Wembley. 2 teams are primed and ready to go, and we have ourselves the greatest cup day of the season.

If you have had a horrible start, or maybe you’re feeling like you can’t do a single thing wrong, or if you fall somewhere in between, this cup is for you! (Basically everyone!)

It’s run along the same lines as the real FA Cup. It’s basically just straight head to head knock out until we have ourselves a winner! The first round will be Gameweek 13 (if we have more than 64 people this will be a qualifying round). Gameweek 14 will then be the Round of 64 and so on until the Final in Gameweek 19.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Then sit back and relax and watch your team either progress through the rounds, or crash and burn!

How to enter

1. View your latest points on Fantasy Premier League.

2. Click on the “View Gameweek history” link from the right menu bar just below your team’s score.

3. Copy the URL of this page (it should look something like this: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/entry/2436/history/).

4. Post the link as a comment on this thread, and please put the name you want to be known by in the competition as the name in the comment box.