FPL Dugout FA Cup – Round of 64

After a very disappointing weekend where only 3 of the top 16 owned players scored more than 3 points, we thankfully have another gameweek just round the corner, starting Tuesday night. Unfortunately for some, their FPL Dugout FA Cup journey is already over! For this very low scoring week was the host of our qualifying round!

For those who made it through, they are now joined by the “top seeds”, and we have ourselves a round of 64!

The draw has brought us some very interesting matches.

Sean’s Blues Krewe will be hoping to take down the ever-present FPL Dugout chatter Scotty B.

Kevo might not know who Wogadelic is, but if he loses to him it will be a name he remembers for a long time.

Our early FPL Dugout leader Johannes Juselius will take on Alex W.

FPL Dugout League Cup Semi Finalist Chris Poland will play Mesh.

Aaron will be hoping to avoid an upset against Rania.

High scoring Dave K will take on the Cooky monster.

Stunes looks to gun down Shiva.

Our FPL Dugout League Cup winner Villa Simon gets an interesting tie against Aaron’s dad Richard Clements.

And my pick of the round … Marco Del Wattsio Cheesy will take on FPL Dugout league winner from last year, FPLH Geord’s Fork Yeah FC.

For all the rest of the ties, and a full run down of the qualifying round scores, you can check them out here:

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