FPL Dugout Champions League ... The Results ...

What do you get when you add Champions League and American Cup together … You get your final Champions League standing that is what you get!

So only one way to do this really, give it the send off for the year it deserves … a man by man (+1 women lowdown).

1st – Bossdrum

There is so much that could be said about Bossdrum, and all of it would be good! Every round I swear he seemed to high score, if you look at the stats you would be hard pushed to argue someone deserved it more! Now of course we would have loved someone that is around a little more to win, but take nothing away from the Drum. Your consistency was key, very well played sir!

2nd – Dudu

So close, so very close but in the end Dudu comes up short. But lets look at the stats and see what this cup run did for the man. This is unreal, possibly the most impressive stat I have, so pay attention. Dudu was a 4th seed, ranked 145 in the FPL Dugout League when the Champions League kicked off … he finishes the league in 35th. Wow 110 places risen in not a long time. That is someone with great form for sure, and I guess his place in the final was evidence of that! Now if he manages to keep this form up next year and avoid another slow start then expect big things from Dudu in both the league and cup! A grand effort Dudu, very well played sir, you deserve great congratulations!

Read on for a man by man look …

3rd – Jakob

Another 4th seed, and another great rise, starting in 150th he finished the league in a very respectable 88th place. But better than that he gets the bronze medal in our old Champions League! A quiet guy around here, but pops on from time to time, and I hope that you pop on soon to read this … you never kept surprising me, every week I thought you were done, and every week you seemed to win! Very well played sir! I truly hope that you are around a little more, seem like a top guy!

4th – Tony

Tony, Tony, Tony, my tip from the 4th pot to do well, and well didn’t he just do me proud. Ok lets ignore that at 4th he is infact the 3rd best 4 pot seed person thing. What a run, I like the league stat (because its about the only stat I have) ranked 31st of all the teams, in place 213 … he ends 22nd, which might not seem that impressive, but that is 97th! Tony wins the award for biggest riser in the league with a huge 116 place jump! Tony is a top guy, and had a top cup run! Just fell up short, but hold your head high sir!

5th – Geordie Ash

A great season for Ash, the league title and a strong cup run, and even a 2nd place MSA finish to boot! The huge question mark will be will he be able to repeat next year? Surely he has a big target on his back and only time will tell … but in the current, glory is his, and he won’t be afraid to tell you how well he did. So congrats on your great year and look forward to some more banter with you next year. 🙂

6th – Demi

He comes and goes, and has a pic on Total FPL with big hair. A very good cup run from what I can tell to be a very good manager. May you have many successes next year! But the big question mark is this … will he be around to let us know? Reason being … Demi didn’t finish in the Dugout League … hmmmmm.

7th – Villa Simon

Another guy to have a great league and cup season. However maybe his high of the whole season, the day that Villa sacked McLeish! There were rumours of dancing around the office and I’m sure that he will be looking forward to the new season a lot more with someone else at the helm! This great year of course won’t hurt looking forward and he will do well to beat this year, but that won’t stop him trying, and well who is bold enough to bet against him having more success again next year? Not me!

8th – Jon

Here is Mr Consistant, started 114th and finished 115th! A solid year for Jon and I’m sure he shall be looking to kick on next year!

9th – Scotty B

It was deep into the woods there was a tree, and to the amazement of all the tree could talk! What a wonderful story the boy thought so he started to write about the tree. He loved this one tree more than any other tree, and the tree loved him back and told him so. One day a very naughty penguin came into the woods and started making fun of the trees, unknown to him that one tree could talk he carried on and on. Finally the tree that could talk let out a big bellow and scared that naughty penguin away. Next came a naughty little badger.  Can you guess what happened boys and girls? Yes indeed the tree scared that naughty little badger away as well, but it didn’t stop there, many naughty animals came along and the tree scared them all away. What a nice talking tree he is. 🙂

10th – Ste

The man known as Stiggers around these parts of a lot of the season had a great group stage taking down Shiva and Sleno, but then started to falter, but still moved up in the league and just missed out on a top 50 place finishing 52nd.

11th – Mesh

The chatter box Mesh comes in 11th, always top of the most post charts, but I think he might well swap that for a little more glory here and there. He sure did kick start his season as the Champions League kicked off though and was outside the top 50 at the start of play and finished a very respectable 26th, and above some other very well known guys around here! If he can start quick next year, and once again finish strong, I’m sure we will all hear less about pen misses and more about charges for titles. 🙂

12th – BJW

I just love the name Barry, combine it with the colourful kit that BJW’s team sports always one of my fave teams to look at! 12th Champions League and 17th league is an all round good year in my book. His MSA prediction chart was random to say the least, but his green arrows weren’t in the last 12 weeks, with 10 to speak of and another guy that maybe wishes the season was a couple of weeks longer. 🙂

13th – Owen

Green, green, green, red, red, red … it was a year of YoYo’s for Owen in the league and his cup run was similar, great group, awful next couple, then a couple of wins at the end! If consistency can be found next year then I’m sure success could follow. 🙂

14th – Daniel

Ouch, our big faller, started the Champions League in 29th place and sadly finished 68th. The last 2 weeks in particular were hard, dropping from 27k to 36k in those weeks alone. A last couple to forget, and I’m sure Daniel will be happy to have a clean slate next year to start off. 🙂

15th – Lundi

Whew! He won the match so he didn’t come bottom of the group qualifies which means …

16th – Tim

Tim did not! Darn you Aussie, knocked me out of the groups and then couldn’t win to save your life! What I blame … that wedding planning that has suddenly come about! Congrats on your upcoming wedding sir, something that is so much more important than any football competition. 🙂

17th – Aaron

Couldn’t win to save his life in the groups, but then couldn’t lose in the knockouts and along with Bossdrum is the only unbeaten man in the knock out stages! The first half of the season just didn’t go his way, but the quality manager that he is shone through and his 11k finish was pretty darn good after the start he had! By his very high standards maybe an off season, and I expect him to start strong next year!

18th – Chen

Boom! (Sorry getting tired now)

19th – Tom B

Was our very last seed in the first draw, but managed to kick on his season and jump 216 to 135 in the league! Nice finish sir!

20th – Richard

No one can call him Liverpool that is for sure! He is a league side all the way! A great 3rd place finish and 634 overall a great year! Maybe he won’t care too much about this Champions League performance then! I think he is probably pretty chuffed about his season, just a shame about the Donnys. 🙁

21st – Mrs Potato Head

I’m sure 21st feels like some sort of win for Mrs Potato Head, with a 0/4 record against Sleno in their H2H league he eventually got one over on his brother in law. Now if there was ever a man who’s fantasy team matched his real team, then Mrs is the man. Just like Everton like a strong finish so does the Mrs, thankfully for him he sneaked past his 7 year old son late on and rose from 133rd to 43rd in the Dugout League to boot! But really the H2H league was the thing that mattered, and well … he didn’t win that. 😛

22nd – Sleno

That is right, Mrs didn’t win his local elite league, he did come 2nd, but glory was all Slenos. The only thing that mattered on day 1, and the thing that he still cared about most now. 22nd in Champions League wasn’t his best showing, but strong next year he will come back. 🙂

23rd – Shiva

Sorry to say that Shiva was in that band of people that post Champions League they declined. I’m sure that Shiva will be looking forward to next season to jump back on the fantasy horse and again prove the top manager he is. 🙂

24th – Alex

Our top seed when the Champions League started, but that was about it. Local H2H collapse, league collapse, Stoke … did ok actually so I guess not everything was awful … wonder if the wife has been a little distracting for this newly wed. 🙂

25th – Marco

The Man they call Marco! Just couldn’t find a way out of that group however hard he tried! A very decent season all around though, and being here from the start of the season next year, he is a top tip to shine in all elements of the game next year. 🙂

26th – Peter Gabor

Strange, a low finish in the Champions League, but in that same very time he jumped from 64th to 16th in the league! So not sure how that all worked out, but a good year none the less I feel. 🙂

27th – Bryan

Couple of great weeks to finish jumped Bryan into the top 80k and if that form can be found again next season might be one to watch.

28th – Cooky

Our roller coaster MSA man Cooky had a disappointing Champions League campaign. That is all I have to say about that …

29th – Tom H

Well at least you didn’t finish 32nd!

30th – 19 Times Winner

Whew not 32nd either. 🙂

31st – Siamrit Wongvichit

The man got scared! And scared himself into a great last week to save him coming 32nd … which means …

32nd – Beat the Losers

Well someone had to come 32nd, and I’m sorry to say it was our only Lady! Stats wise I’m not sure you can argue I’m sorry to say, an awful group and then loss after loss in the knockouts. And ouch, league from 45th to 126th. Very sorry to say, but you win the wooden spoon Rachel.

There we have it, the very first FPL Dugout Champions League, and I feel a great competiton.

For the last time this season, this is me, Sleno, signing off, thanks everyone for playing and hope you enjoyed it. 🙂