FPL Dugout Champions League and American Cup – The Last 8 previews and Last 16 reviews


Here is the draw for the last 8 of FPL Dugout Champions League and the draw for the brackets of the American Cup with a little preview for each.

Marco especially has put a huge amount of effort into this post, so I suggest that you put your feet up and enjoy his reading! But first you have a little Sleno Champions League preview to get through. So sit back, and enjoy.

Champions League previews – Sleno

For one more time, thank you Marco for your hard work, essays were super stressful and it was great to have you do the write ups! For those of you that are interested for the rest of the year Sleno will just focus on the Champions League and Marco will focus on the American Cup as a great double act. 🙂

Champions League – Last 8

Where to start? … Well I suggest that you start by reading Marco’s reviews of the previous rounds to get all caught up! So here we are then, the last 8, 2 legs of a Quarter final, that will be gameweeks 33 and 34.

For all the games I feel like that gameweek 34 is going to be key. Its a tough spot for all, because of course if you have 11 playing in 34 then you don’t have as many doubles in 36. So I guess that maybe those who focus with 34 as the most important week might well sneak through from the last 8, and well then come up against someone who has done a similar thing. So that is a lot about nothing! Basically, even with a lead in 33, I think 34 is the real important week in theses ties! Lets take a look 1 by 1 …

Dudu V Villa Simon

Simon comes in red hot that is for sure, the 3rd top scorer of the Champions League teams for the Round of 16 and he will surely be confident of keeping on rolling in the points! There is no doubting his quality, he has been riding the league for a while now and has decided that the cup is worth it as well. Now normally I would be tipping him for a win, but wait for the big news …

But Dudu is shrewd for sure, and let it been known DUDU STILL HAS HIS WILDCARD!!! That is mental good news! His team is clearly set up for gameweek 34, he will have 11 players that is for sure and then I’m sure his wildcard will kick in 35 or 36 and most likely have 11 double gameweek players, this truly could be huge and well … not only do I think that Dudu might win this game, but I think this could take him all the way to the final …

Jon V Jakob

Jakob just doesn’t stop! I thought he was out in the groups, but then I started to change my mind and he did well by me! I like Cisse this week a lot and think it might give him a 33 lead over Jon, but then Jon might have a little more in gameweek 34 currently …

With different looking teams it really could go either way this one, and I expect little to be said about this team, and the other winners of the last 8 maybe seeing the winner of this game as the “easy draw” but I’m not too sure … Jakob was the 2nd highest scorer in the last week, and I think I just side with him to make the last 4. 🙂

Geordie Ash V Bossdrum

Let me start by addressing this statement by Ash: “As a self-perceived underdog (despite being highly ranked in the league)…”. Now I’m sure some of this stemmed from my prediction that Ash would lose last week, and well Tim had a shocker with injuries and living in Africa it seems he didn’t get online to change his team between the deadlines which was his downfall.

So let’s address why Ash may be classed as an underdog. THIRTEENTH. That is the reason. Of the last 16, his score was 13th. Ash, yes you are doing well in the league, but I said I didn’t fancy your team last 2 weeks and your team kind of proved me right! You are a lucky boy to be in this round for sure, but here you are! And its often one that scraps that then kicks on and we all know you are a manager who watches his team and Boss needs to be aware!

But the draw doesn’t look at luck, it looks at the here and now and Ash comes up against the previous rounds top scorer Bossdrum! This time around I like the look of Ash’s team, and what that means is I like the Drums also! Pretty close teams for sure, but Mr Cisse is unstoppable for the Drum and could well prove the difference, but I thought Pog would do that last week … I think that this game is going to come down to clever transfers and the right captain! May it be a great game. 🙂

Demi V Tony

Oh Tony, how you never let me down! And with Odemwingie in your ranks for gameweek 34 maybe you might not fail me again! Demi is for sure a top manager, well known in the FFS world he will be looking to score big points and shoot down the fans favorite of Tony! The teams really are pretty much of a muchness here, and it’s going to be close, and I think maybe a high scoring game, but top Tony I shall!

May the best 4 teams win, and whoever wins will be within touching distance of that FPL Dugout Champions League final that they dreamed about as a kid. 🙂

American Cup


American Cup previews by Marco’s cousin Macri. 🙂

9-16 Bracket

Daniel V Stiggers

Dan knocked out by Champions League favourite Tony will be looking to regain his momentum here and recent scoring puts him slight favourite.

Scotty B V Owen

Close tie with only 6 points separating their last two weeks scoring, flip a coin and there’s your winner!


BJW outscored Tim by 28 in the last round so will be looking to blow him off course this time round.

Lundi V Mesh(y)

A 26 point advantage from the last fortnight Mesh starts as favourite and is hoping to make it another noir Lundi for him.

17-24 Bracket

Richard S V Shiva

Top scorer Richard S has been handed Shiva, fresh from his terrific comeback in the last round could there be an upset here?

Alex V Tom B

Two evenly matched players head into this one, place your bets now!!

Mrs Potato Head V Aaron

Two well scoring teams of the last round meet here and I ask the question, who will Sleno be cheering for??

Chen V Sleno

The highest scoring tie of the last round so should be a free scoring tie, we always like a I can score one more than you attitude.

25-32 Bracket

Siamrit Wongvichit V Bryan

Terrible scoring from Siamrit last round and Bryan wasn’t much better, should have been a spoon tie!

Marco Del Wattsio V Tom Howells

Well what can I say, I never expected to be here! An off week for me last week but hopefully there’ll be a reaction against Tom. Be warned!!

Peter Gabor V Beat the Losers

Let’s hope Beat the Losers can get her first win in the knockout phase and rid the theory that women know nothing about football, not that I have a favourite for this tie!!

Cooky V 19 Times Winner

A dark horse in Cooky lives here and will be expecting a fight back over the next few weeks, 19 Times Winner will be hoping to forget that disastrous result against Chen.

Good luck to all managers and remember this – of course ask for advice on your team, but if it all goes wrong you only have yourself to blame!!!!

Champions League – Last 16 review (Marco style) – Have you Messi’d it up or did you Ron away with it?

So, after an overall tight week in the FPL Dugout Champions League tournament the ties were settled after a hectic week of Fantasy Premier League. The 4pm Friday deadline was sure to catch out the most unsuspecting of FPL managers but surely this lot would have been not so amateur chasing FPL Dugout’s most prestigious crown.

Bossdrum 138 (63 + 75) V 126 (59 + 67) BJW – BJW Boss’d into submission

Group F runner up Bossdrum faced the impressive Group H Winner BJW. 5 wins out of 6 in the group stages was the joint best points return and he will be looking to continue that good form that has done him so proud thus far.

Leg 1 – 63 points from Bossdrum this week gained mainly from the weeks usual suspects in the form of Dempsey, Valencia and RVP. A rare Wigan clean sheet helped the boss along but he will hope the 7 points dropped from benching Jonny Evans will not prove costly. BJW’s team was much the same but with the added difference of Jonny Evans and Theo Walcott with a pair of 7’s for him, dropped points from Swansea and Fulham leaves BJW 4 points adrift going into the second leg which should prove just as close.

Leg 2 – Bossdrum doubled his first half lead second time around with an 8 point 2nd leg victory to win by 12 overall. Consistent scoring from both teams in this one.

Jon 111 (49 + 62) V 97 (43 + 54) Stiggers – Jon won’t Stigger at this result

Group H runner up Jon faced Group C winner Stiggers as two of FPL’s quieter members met in this clash.

Leg 1 – A 4 point Rooney captain never slowed Jon down as he ground out a hard fought win against Stiggers. Consistency was the key and with Antonio Valencia had the key to unlock a narrow lead going into the second leg. Another game that will go down to the wire for sure.

Leg 2 – Jon proved the stronger in this match up winning both legs and taking the second quarter final spot. Stiggers will be disappointed not to hit 3 figures and will look at his leg 1 score as his downfall.

Villa Simon 127 (51 + 76) V 123 (63 + 60) Scotty B – Simon turns from Hero to Villain in this encounter

Runner up from Group A Villa Simon faces Group B conqueror Scotty B. Simon will be hoping his work colleagues will not be pretending to be him as he summons up the might to beat Scotty who had the joint best record in the group stages, form vs positioning in this one.

Leg 1 – Form prevailed in this encounter as Scotty B opened up a 12 point lead after the first leg. Villa Simon’s defence proving his undoing with just 2 points from his 3 defenders. Scotty B had Captain America to thank for his 22 point haul, a brace from Pisse gives him the edge for the second leg.

Leg 2 – A close one here as Simon overturned his 8 point first leg deficit to win by a narrow 4 points. For Scotty his score would have been enough in some ties but unfortunately not this one so into the American Cup he goes.

Tim 98 (39 + 59) V 109 (48 + 61) Geordie Ash – Tim plays G.ash

Group C runner up Tim faced in form Geordie Ash from 1st place in Group G. Ash has been in epic form recently guiding him to a top 500 place in FPL, a bridge to far for Tim?

Leg 1 – Ash showed his class in this one and gained the advantage with a narrow 9 point lead. 6 players from Tim scoring 2 or less could prove crucial in this one. A goal from Siggi and Dempsey’s 11 points helped steer Ash to victory in this one, but the tie is far from over.

Leg 2 – Geordie Ash scraped through this one as 109 would of seen him tumble in most ties, however lady luck was on his side and righfully takes his place in the last 8.

Mesh(y) 118 (59 + 59) V 125 (63 + 62) Demi – Mesh is good but Demi Moore!

Two of FPL Dugout’s regular posters match up here in what could be a chance of a bit of banter on the site for many weeks ahead. A quarter final place would be well earned for whoever came on top in this one.

Leg 1 – Another close run battle in the Champions League here as Demi becomes another member to join the 63 gameweek club. Solid scoring from both sides here. They key in this one was a brace from Spurs’ Adebayor handing Demi the initiative but Mesh will be one tough cookie to beat.

Leg 2 – Two close legs here amongst FPL’s more notorious characters. Demi just coming out on top with a great two leg score. For Meshy consistent scoring which should stand him well for a good American Cup campaign.

Lundi 94 (47 + 47) V 115 (63 + 52) Dudu – Dudu comes up smelling of Roses

Lundi, Group E’s second place faced Group A’s winner Dudu in this encounter. Lundi will be looking to step to the plate as he only qualified on having a better record in the group than his counterparts and wouldn’t of wanted to face a solid FPL player in Dudu.

Leg 1 – Lundi lands firmly in the Dudu after this first leg game. 16 points the difference which is not an unacheivable deficit to overturn. A 1 point showing from Pogrebnyak wasnt enough to slow the droids as Ben Arfa, Baines and Valencia ran riot to put Dudu with a whiff of a quarter final place.

Leg 2 – A pair of 47’s not enough for Lundi as the Dudu really did hit the fan for him. Dudu’s Droids march on into the quarter finals and will be tough opposition for anyone that he faces.

Tony 126 (61 + 65) V 113 (48 + 65) Daniel – Desperate Dan eats humble pie

Group D runner up Tony faced Group F winner Daniel in the penultimate tie of the round. Tony will be going all out to win after being voted as favourite to win the Champions League in a recent FPL poll. Daniel of course as underdog will need no team talk before this one.

Leg 1 – Tony showed why he is favourite in this one with a solid 13 point win. An ill picked Rooney captain choice may prove costly and two 0’s from his defenders was as welcomed as a bad case of diarrhoea I’m sure. Tony earned his 5th green arrow in a row and captain Pogrebnyak couldn’t stop him earning the win, definitely a front runner now if he can negotiate the second leg.

Leg 2 – FPL Dugout’s favourite Tony showed his credentials and beat off competition from Daniel to gain his place in the quarters. Keep flying the flag for Group D Tony!!

Jakob 135 (63 + 72) V 117 (58 + 59) Owen – Owenly got himself to blame

Group B runner up Jakob faced Group D winner Owen in the last tie of the round. After Owen’s win in what was the leagues toughest group (I was in it) he surely would be feeling confident of success.

Leg 1 – The Last member of the 63 club battled his way to a 5 point midway lead. Jakob’s decision to bench Simpson the only blot in his copy book as the weeks regulars gave him a chance of an upset going into next weeks second leg. Owen will be nursing his wounds as Pogrebnyak and an injury to Ashley Cole proves costly.

Leg 2 – Impressive scoring from Jakob knocking out Owen who again will feel aggrieved that in other ties he would of progressed. But the Champions League’s loss is the American Cup’s gain, welcome aboard Owen!

Congratulations to those that qualified and sorry to those that bowed out, but cheer up! Your teams progress will be monitored closely by myself for the remainder of the season. At least you can be sure you won’t be collecting the FPL Dugout’s wooden spoon, which is still a possibility for half of the teams below!!!

American Cup (Marco style)

Its not the winning its the taking part that counts – The American Cup.

So, here we are my first offering as an FPL Dugout writer. I’ll be covering all the American Cup action and maybe some Champions League games until the big cheese Sleno’s workload eases and he can go back to covering the games premier cup competition. Sorry if its a bit of an essay I just got carried away!

As you are fully aware the American Cup was spawned from the success of the FPL Dugout Champions League cup competition and the banter it created amongst the FPL Dugout regulars. The sixteen losers in the group stages have not been forgotten and some big Dugout regulars adorn this cup so the standard of the cup has been very high.

The draw was made with much anticipation and drew out some intriguing ties amongst the FPL stalwarts. Here is a run down as promised of the ties and outcomes and a preview of the round 2 draw. With blank weeks and double gameweeks ahead, chuck in a 4pm Friday leg 2 deadline anything was possible!

So here we go.

Aaron 117 (56 + 61) V 104 (53 + 51) Peter Gabor – Aaron has Clemented his win after that result

FPL Dugout Head honcho Aaron after finishing bottom in Group E was drawn against Group D 3rd place finisher Peter Gabor. Both sides wanted to save face after a few below par performances and a couple of costly dropped points.

Leg 1 – Bitter sweet for Aaron as RVP, Valencia and Dempsey all hit double digits but Vermaelen (0), Miyachi, Rooney and Ba (2) proved costly. Peter Gabor had an unlikely source in Victor Moses to thank for his sublime 11 point haul. RVP also added double figues and Wigan, Newcastle and Man United clean sheets keeps this tie on a knife edge.

Leg 2 – A much needed win for Aaron and wipes away the chance of the FPL wooden spoon. Two narrow wins in each leg was enough for victory and helps him save face. For now……..

Chen 120 (67 + 53) V 87 (34 + 53) 19 Times Winner – No Chen do for 19 Times Winner

4th from Group B Chen plays 3rd in Group E in the form of 19 Times Winner. 19 Times Winner unlucky to be here having missed out on qualification on goal difference. Chen trying to put his terrible campaign behind him and get back on track.

Leg 1 – A one sided affair here as Chen firmly puts himself in the driving seat for the second leg with a 33 point lead. A midfield masterclass from Chen with all 5 midfielders returning an assist at the very least. Not much to show from 19 Times Winner’s performance, a Siggi goal and Jones clean sheet the plus points in a week to forget and an uphill climb in the second leg.

Leg 2 – A commanding win for Chen as he easily brushed past 19 Times Winner, as United look to make it 20 league titles 19 Times Winner will be lucky to avoid the wooden spoon with below par scoring like that.

Marco Del Wattsio 116 (76 + 40) V 118 (47 + 71) Shiva – Marco Gets the cold Shiva’s

Two FPL Dugout regulars met here both wanting the bragging rights for the FPL chat room. Shiva 3rd in Group C V Marco 4th in Group D. Shiva missing out even after having a plus points difference and Marco losing a few close games including a 74-73 in the group stages.

Leg 1 – The Highest score in the week from a Spurs masterclass put Shiva to the sword in this one, goals from Adebayor and a couple of assists from VDV and Bale ensured a comfortable 3-1 win versus Swansea. Key differential Baines also chipping in with 9 points. Dempsey’s 11 point haul and Valencia’s 13 keeps Shiva in the hunt in a tie which should be put to bed but in fantasy football you just never know.

Leg 2 – Marco’s legs turned to Jelly as some ill-fated advice saw him leave two goal Nikica Jelavic on the bench for a measely 2 point Sigurdsson. Great fight back from Shiva so all credit to him, I’m not bitter, much….

Sleno 133 (71 + 62) V 91 (42 + 49) Bryan – Sle-no chance of failure

Group C wooden spooner Sleno took on Group A victim Bryan. Sleno had to be reminded that this is not a head-to-head league and should be taken seriously. Again with Bryan losing out with the same points as 2nd place and a better points difference he was not to be taken lightly.

Leg 1 – Sleno shrugged off the jet leg to produce a performance only a Hammer could love. A battle of the captains for Sleno who picked Balotelli who returned 20 points whilst costly Pogrebnyak captain choice and Hernandez picks proved costly for Bryan and will be an uphill task from here if he’s to prove victorious.

Leg 2 – The Stunners improved here to smash Bryan and progress off the bottom group of games. Great average over the two weeks amongst the highest in the American Cup, but no cigar.

Siamrit Wongvichit 80 (32 + 48) V 136 (61 + 75) Mrs Potato Head – Wong picks for Siamrit

Group F’s bottom side managed by Siamrit was drawn against “The Mrs” from 3rd place in Group G. Both groups were tight so we expected much of the same in this encounter.

Leg 1 – A hard fought 29 point lead for the missus after this intriguing first leg. Man United’s fringe players in Young and Jones proving highlights for Siamrit in a tough week for him. The Mrs had Captain America to thank for his impressive 22 point haul with the armband with Gareth Mcauley’s own goal a small blot on the impressive copy book. Again this one is not over but you would expect the Mrs to progress.

Leg 2 – A one sided affair in this one and one of the biggest whoopings handed out this fortnight. Maybe after Sleno’s England trip he has been picking up some pointers?

Cooky 110 (56 + 54) V 115 (57 + 58) Alex – Alex the kidd turns up the heat on Cooky

Again two of FPL’s more regular posters match up here 4th from Group G in the shape of the Cooky Monster Vs Alex the Kidd from 3rd place in Group B.

Leg 1 – A rare goal from differential Matt Jarvis helped Cooky to his 56 point haul, Bale captain choice was brave but was rewarded with 10 points and Newcastle and Everton clean sheets helped the score past 50. The usual suspects of Valencia, Evans and RVP helped Alex to his 57 and help maintain his lofty 2.5k overall positioning in the FPL game. A rare Mata away assist at Villa was also very welcomed I’m sure. This tie couldn’t be tighter and I wouldn’t want to predict the winner.

Leg 2 – A close fought match which came down to bonus points between the two FPL regulars. This defeat will hurt Cooky but he has enough in his locker to beat a lot of other opponents left in this competition.

Beat the Loosers 107 (48 + 59) V 138 (73 + 65) Richard S – Richard beat the loser

Group A whipping boy Beat the Loosers faced Group H evictee Richard S.

Leg 1 – Beat the Loosers defence proved his (Sleno note – Marco is unaware that Beat the Loosers is a female it seems) undoing with Richards and Cahill scoring a big fat zero, Hatem Ben Arfa saved his week with his 11 points and keeps this tie just about lit. An impressive week for Richard S with Pisse, Valencia, Dempsey and RVP all bringing home double figure points hauls. A top 1000 position in FPL is not to be sniffed at so congrats to him so far.

Leg 2 – Apologies to Beat the Losers manager Rachel Roberts after my slight faux pas last time around calling her a man. Well Rachel accept my apologies and condolences after a heavy defeat from this rounds highest American Cup scorer.

Tom B 121 (61 + 60) V 109 (49 + 60) Tom Howells – Tom Tom H turns into trouble

If you need direction with your team you need to ask this pair of Tom Toms for help, Boom Boom (it is late as I write this so I apologise for the bad humour.) Tom B found it all too tough in Group H coming bottom and Tom H a little better coming 3rd in Group F.

Leg 1 – Tom B’s 5 man defence for this gameweek proved to serve him well with 3 clean sheets. Differentials Pienaar and Sessegnon both collecting a pair of 8’s helping him to a respectable plus 60 score. Tom H was another victim of the Pogrebnyak injury and the single point proved costly. Dempsey stemmed the flow of points against and captain Bale with his 10 points keeps this match up well and truly alive.

Leg 2 – The Battle of the Toms ended in a narrow win for Tom B after the second leg was a tied score of 60. Tom H will be rueing that earlier lower score but should be more worried about his next fixture!