FPL Dugout Champions League - Sign up now

Firstly congratulations to FauzanMeshLiam G + Ben J and Chris Warnes who have made it through to the Semi Finals of the FPL Dugout FA Cup. You can track the progress of the competition on the FPL Dugout FA Cup Fixtures and Results page.

That is exciting news, but for the other hundred of us or so we want something new and exciting to get our teeth into!

And I think I have just the thing. It’s the biggest FPL Dugout competition yet, which will stretch for 18 gameweeks! It will see Qualifying, Group Stages, 2-legged knockout, and in the end just one winner! Ladies and Gentleman this is the sign up thread for the … FPL Dugout Champions League.

If you enjoyed the FPL Dugout League Cup and FA Cup then let me tell you they were just a warm up for the main event! But if you’re new, never fear because the FPL Dugout Champions League is open to all!

The competition is run fairly similarly close to how the real Champions League is run and if you want to know all the nitty gritty check out the full details and gameweek plan for the whole competition.

What you really need to know right now is how to sign up and what is going to happen after you sign up!

Well sign up is very simple, and will be open now through to 5:00pm (GMT) December 28th. That evening will be the draw for the first round of Qualifying.

How to enter

1. View your latest points on Fantasy Premier League.

2. Click on the “View Gameweek history” link from the right menu bar just below your team’s score.

3. Copy the URL of this page (it should look something like this: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/entry/2436/history/).

4. Post the link as a comment on this thread, and please put the name you want to be known by in the competition as the name in the comment box.

Qualifying Details

If you don’t know what a Coefficient is check out this page as to know how the UEFA Coefficent works.

Let me first explain the FPL Dugout Coefficient. It’s a score accumulated from all of the FPL Dugout competitions you enter, and of course the better you do the more points you have! So if you have previously played MSA, FPL Dugout League Cup or the FPL Dugout FA Cup then you already have some points!

As a hint … your current FPL Dugout league position gives you a good amount of points, so if you’re not in the league, I would suggest joining now!

Now once entry is closed everyone will be put into order according to their Coefficient. Your ranking will then affect where you enter the qualifying rounds.

Now in the real Champions League there are passes straight through to the group stages for 22 teams, but because of the amount of entries expected, we will not be allowing so many free passes so there are more opportunities for all.

Group Stage entry

There will be 8 teams that will be granted group stage places and they are … drum roll please …

Our five current FPL Dugout Champions (Champions League, League, MSA, League Cup and FA Cup) and the top three ranked teams.

3rd Qualifying Round entry

The next 24 ranked teams will enter at the 3rd Qualifying round which will be a 2 legged match over Gameweeks 22-23.

1st and 2nd Qualifying Round entry

The remaining teams will enter at the 1st and 2nd round Qualifying round stage. The exact number at each will be finalized once we have final numbers of teams. These will be 1 leg matches over Gameweeks 20-21.

That I think is enough information for now, so what else do you need to know or do but sign up now!