FPL Dugout Champions League Semis, MSA Prediction Game and American Cup

Sit back and relax, its your Champions League, MSA and American Cup update!!!

There is just one place to start this week, and that is the Semi Final of the Champions League, after that we will look into the MSA and then onto a little American Cup preview action and lastly all the scores from the previous rounds to boot!

Drum rolls please …

Champions League Semi Finals

Tony V Bossdrum

Dudu V Jakob

So there we have them, the last 4!

Champions League Semi Finals previews

Tony V Bossdrum

Oh Tony, from day one I said you were one to watch, and how you haven’t let me down! Tony put to bed the very dangerous Demi this week by having just an all round hard working team! Even with a failed captain Tony had enough to sneak over the line and will be full of confidence as he takes on Bossdrum in this 2 legged semi final!

The Boss carried on from the last round and was the top scorer again! Back to back top scores and I’m not sure how anyone could argue with the Boss being the form side! Even a failed RVP captain couldn’t stop him this week as he just went mental with 4 clean sheets! This is a great match up and really could go either way! Good luck to you both!


Dudu managed to just hold off the challenge of Villa Simon, who had himself a great week, just not great enough to claw back to Dudu! Jakob on the other hand never looked in trouble in his match, and for someone that looked dead and buried in the group stage at one point he is now just 1 game away from the final!

Jakob (I think) has 2 free transfers stored up, but Dudu still has his wildcard, so predicting what team he will put out is very hard, but I feel it will be stacked for Gameweek 36 and the doubles, so he will surely go into this game as favourite, but Jakob is on a role and will not feel all is lost. May the best man win!

A little personal plug … take a look at 21-24 American Cup bracket, try and tell me they aren’t 4 of the best mangers around. 😛

MSA Headlines read: Cooky avoids 4 in a row as Mesh takes only S point

Cooky tried a new and inventive way to avoid a 4th Donkey award back to back this week … sadly he didn’t play. 🙁

Big shame that to lose him from the 100% but I guess he just didn’t have enough room on his shelf to risk another Donkey! Mesh managed to pick up just the 1 S point this week, but that was enough to beat everyone else put together! That is right Mesh getting Man U 4-0 was the only correct score in any game, which showed what a strange week it was score wise! Villa Simon was the big winner I feel, as he cut 2 points on Sleno’s lead, who is now looking over his shoulder for the first time in a fair while!

Shrek of the week: Villa Simon, Shiva, Scotty B and Tom B

They all shared this week with 4/0/4, of course Arsenal losing at home to Wigan didn’t help! So that really isn’t a bad score with only 6 fixtures this week!

Donkey of the week: Dudu and Marco

I smile at you Marco. 🙂

All this talk of coming for me next season! Well if this week was anything to go by it won’t be you coming for Sleno. He has to score his award though with Dudu who also scored 1/0/1, which I guess isn’t the end of the world. 🙂

Gameweek 23 is now open at the bottom …

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American Cup Brackets


Geordie Ash V Villa Simon

Tough tie to call this one as both ride high in the FPL Dugout league. With both managers gutted after single digit losses in their Champions League ties both managers will have to step up to the plate to win this battle.

Demi V Jon

The two lowest scorers of last weeks Champions League meet in this American Cup tie. With both teams averaging nearly 60 per week this is still a heavy hitting tie and both managers will want to see the run of heavy scoring continue!


Mesh(y) V Scotty B

On form Meshy is one of the toughest opponents this round after last rounds cracking 143 point haul, Scotty will be buoyed by his 4-1 Chelsea bet coming in and will need more of that luck and judgement to pull this one off over two legs.

BJW V Stiggers

An even tie in this one awaits. Just a single point seperates last rounds scores as both teams fight to stay in the top quarter of the draw.


Daniel V Lundi

Two below par performances from Daniel leaves him clinging to the top half of the draw. He will have to improve greatly to beat Lundi but Dan has the capabilities to do so. Lundi your teamtalk has just been written…………

Tim V Owen

A shocking first leg for Owen last round meant it was almost inevitable he would join this bracket of clubs. A steadier ship now seems to be sailing but can it improve enough to beat Tim after a near 70 point gameweek? Come back next week to find out!


Tom B V Chen

Tom will be super happy with his last round score of 152 but unfortunatley for him was only enough to move him up one bracket! Can he keep that up as Chen has still averaged well over 60 points a gameweek in the last two. As for all these ties Gameweek 36 will be make or break!

Richard S V Aaron

Richard this week returned to form and put up one of the matchdays highest scores, 150 to be exact. Aaron will have something to say though as his 130+ total last matchday is not to be sniffed at. Both will feel they merit a top 20 finish but nothing comes easy in the American Cup!


Alex V Mrs Potato Head

Alex scraped over 100 points in the last tie but it was never going to be close to Tom B’s 152, so its the Mrs next up for him who will be reeling after his defeat to Aaron. These two would love to be 21 again.

Sleno V Shiva

A narrow defeat for Sleno and a crushing defeat for Shiva sets up this tie for FPL’s more regular contributors. An extra spice has been added to this tie as if results go the right way we could see a Sleno Vs The Mrs grudge match!!


Bryan V Marco Del Wattsio

Hooray I’m off the bottom group! Will be a tough one moving up further as Bryan always seems to score well everytime I do these reports, but he’s way down here! Both teams have the quality to knock a couple of 70 plus gameweeks together so hopefully Lady luck will be on my side come the end of Gameweek 36!

Peter Gabor V Cooky

Both of these sides can thank an excellent 70+ score in a single gameweek for their rise out of the bottom bracket. Which Jekyll and Hyde side will turn up for them this time around?


Siamrit Wongvichit V 19 Times Winner

My unbiased personal tip for the wooden spoon here comes Siamrit, 19 Times Winner has his best chance to make his twentieth victory the wooden spoon but FPL is always full of shocks, could there be one here?

Tom Howells V Beat the Losers

The last tie of the round sees Tom H face our only female entrant Beat the Losers, after her 69 (sorry couldn’t resist) against Peter can she Howell with delight or will Tom rise to the occasion?

Good luck to all managers, there are sure to be a few more grey hairs after this round, Gameweek 36 should be a cracker!

Champions League Last 8 Scores

Dudu 139 (68+71) V (59+73) 132 Villa Simon

Jon 120 (52+68) V (69+70) 139 Jakob

Geordie Ash 135 (58+77) V (69+71) 140 Bossdrum

Demi 118 (57+61) V (57+71) 128 Tony 

American Cup Scores

9-16 Bracket

Daniel 38+46 V 60+65 Stiggers

Scotty B 48+62 V 28+46 Owen

Tim 46+69 V 73+51 BJW

Lundi 51+72 V 75+68 Mesh(y)

17-24 Bracket

Richard S 77+73 V 53+61 Shiva

Alex 57+46 V 79+73 Tom B

Mrs Potato Head 57+65 V 67+66 Aaron

Chen 66+62 V 61+57 Sleno

25-32 Bracket

Siamrit Wongvichit 32+57 V 73+55 Bryan

Marco Del Wattsio 63+43 V 46+52 Tom Howells

Peter Gabor 42+77 V 37+69 Beat the Losers

Cooky 75+34 V 38+54 19 Times Winner


Arsenal v Chelsea
Aston Villa V Sunderland
Blackburn V Norwich
Bolton V Swansea
Fulham V Wigan
Newcastle V Stoke
QPR V Tottenham
Man Utd V Everton
Liverpool V West Brom
Wolves V Man City
Aston Villa V Bolton