FPL Dugout Champions League Semi Final and Last Man Standing Draw


What a difference a day makes. I sat watching the Spurs game and couldn’t live without Bale for a moment longer. Out goes RVP, Suarez starts biting; RVP bags a hat trick and my team is a mess. What about that -4 hit I took that cost me 10?

I’m sure that I’m not alone in my distress today, and if not today for you, I’m sure you have felt like this at some point during the season. My simple words for you today are… finish strong. If you’re fighting for the top 10, the top 50,000 or the top 1,000,000, do yourself justice.

Don’t throw in the towel. And if you’re still in one of our competitions why not go ahead and win that?

So to the FPL Dugout Champions League, and here are our Quarter Final results…

Fauzan Adhitia (154) V Rania (117)

Aaron (130) V Richard (122)

Sean’s Blues Krewe (120) V Lundi (95)

Sleno (150) V Fille (137)

Not to forget our LMS competition, and here are those results as well…

Robfish (84) V Lubo (90)

Shiva (69) V Scotty B (56)

Nicola (51) V Mesh (77)

Chris Warnes (74) V Donkey Kong (94)

And while we’re on the LMS, why not a little draw or two…

Gameweek 35

Mesh (39) V Rania (50)

Shiva (47) V Lundi (33)

Lubo  (43)V Richard (76)

Donkey Kong (61) V  Fille (68)

Gameweek 36

Shiva V Rania

Richard V Fille

Now onto the Champions League. Firstly congratulations to our 4 Semi Finalists.

Fauzan Adhitia – Was the one player who managed to overturn a 1st leg deficit, and he did it in style coming through as the top scoring qualifier. Our FPL Dugout FA Cup winner is looking to double up this season and who would bet against him with his form?

Sleno – Two very solid weeks scoring wise for Sleno saw him never in much trouble in his match up. With his MSA crown soon to depart, Sleno will be desperate for some silverware, and the Champions League is his last chance.

Aaron – Suarez may have bitten away the rest of his season, but his points on Sunday kept Aaron live to fight another day and fighting on all fronts is our founder: 2nd in the FPL Dugout league, 135th in the world and a Semi Final Champions League spot as well. Would he swap it all for Villa safety though…

Sean’s Blues Krewe – What to say? To sum it up with a quote – “You can only beat what is put in front of you”. Once again Mr. Sean manages to sneak through with the lowest score of the qualifiers, and yet again some of the losers would have beat him. But don’t be fooled by his low scores. With a nice 1st leg lead he took -12 to set his team up for his Semi Final match. Smart one this one.

So here we have it: the numbers are 2 1 4 3… BOOM!

Sleno (58) V Fauzan Adhitia (64)

Sean’s Blues Krewe (52) V Aaron (62)

Ties will be played over Gameweeks 35 and 36.  The best of luck to all 4 our of Semi Finalists.