FPL Dugout Champions League Quarter Final and Last Man Standing Draw


So what a strange couple of weeks that was in the fantasy world. Let me illustrate it for you using my FPL Dugout Champions League match as an example.

1st leg, Saturday, 4:55pm. A positive manager would have said the game had only just begun with just 7 games down, but I thought I knew better. I was 43 points behind. The late game didn’t help me at all, I was 43 behind. I had already said on chat I was out, and I wasn’t playing around, I meant it. But as they say the rest is history, a Dimitar Monday, a couple of clean sheets and I find myself in the last 8 of the Champions League.

So you know I made it, but who else did? Let’s have a full look at the results, and well the draw for the next round to boot!

Champions League Last 16 Results

Fauzan Adhitia (108) V (76) Mesh

Richard (111) V (88) Marco Del Wattsio

Rania (104) V (95) Geord FPLH

Chris Warnes (79) V (81) Sean’s Blues Krewe

Sleno (97) V (91) Donkey Kong

Lundi (95) V (84) Scotty B

Fille (86) V (77)  Andy Parsons

Lubo (86) V (113) Aaron

So as a quick summary: the 8 through are made up of 6 group winners (Fauzan, Richard, Rania, Sleno, Lundi and Fille) and just 2 group runners up (Aaron and Sean).

Aaron scored the highest with 113. Sean was the lowest qualifier with just 81. His score was so bad that he would have been beaten by every other group winner apart from Chris, and would have also lost to 5 of the other runners up. All I have to say about that is… he is my new favourite to win the whole thing!

Last Man Standing Results

Now not to forget the Last Man Standing. Here is the state of play.

Cooky (57,28) or Argenzil (46) V Villa Simon (72) or Alex W (72,28*winner on countback TWICE!)

Mohamed Ali (51) or Mark B (53,34) V Darren Holland (64,23) or Liam Jones (54)

Unicorn (69,35) or Dizzle (61) V Bryan (71) or Mrs Potato Head (76,25)

Dudu (55) or Robfish (77,36) V Luke Place (51) or Konig Luther (64,31)

BJW (64) or Jon (71,28) V Sean-tasy Football (56) or Nicola (67,45)

Shiva (52,35) or Alex Clark (36) V Kevo (66) or Andy Pen (75,28)

Chris Poland (61,47) or Dave (57) V Tony (77,27) or Vincent (62)

Ceres High Flyers (69,29) or QUYETCHIEN (66) V Bossdrum (54) or Don (70,25)

Whew, the 8 winners from those games will now get matched up with the 8 losers from the Champions League…

Thanks to Sean’s Blues Krewe for guest appearing and helping with this draw.

Matches to be played in GW 33 and then GW 34.

Andy Parsons (46) or Robfish (58)  V Lubo (90) or Ceres High Flyers (97)

Marco Del Wattsio (67) or Shiva (85) V Scotty B (84) or Alex W (63)

Geord FPLH (48) or Nicola (57)  V Mesh (48) or Unicorn (44)

Chris Warnes (68) or Chris Poland (58) V Donkey Kong (85) or Mark B (58)

and then GW 34.

Robfish V Lubo

Shiva V Scotty B

Nicola V Mesh

Chris Warnes V Donkey Kong

And I think that’s all I have today…

Ok I guess you want the Champions League Quarter Final Draw (now with first leg scores)

Fauzan Adhitia (67) V Rania (80)

Aaron (68) V Richard (54)

Sean’s Blues Krewe (67) V Lundi (36)

Sleno (79) V Fille (59)

There you have it! Good luck to all in all competitions, and for those who have fallen by the wayside, I hope you enjoyed your run and hope to see you again next season!