FPL Dugout Champions League - Qualifying Details

Transfer deadline day on a Friday, Premier league games on Saturday, sounds pretty good to me.  But that’s not all! We also have the qualifying round for the FPL Dugout Champions League.

Read on for a breakdown of the Qualifying process…

The qualifying round will see 17 individual match ups with the winning team from each match being rewarded with a place in the group stage where they will join the 16 teams who have been awarded a place in the group stages.  The 15 teams who were awarded a group stage place were done on three criteria. Current FPL Dugout Champions (3 places), FPL Dugout Coefficient Leaders (8 places) and top FPL Dugout chatters (4 places).

Pot 1

Aaron Clements (League Champion), Fauzan Adhitia (CL and FA Cup Champion), Simon Mitchell (MSA Champion), John Walker, Tony Roberts, Luke, Tom BBryan Dobbin

Pot 2

Samuel Slennett, Michael Cook, Shiva,  Marco Del Wattsio, FPL Hints Blog Team, Sean StewartKevin RobertsMeshari M (FPL Dugout Coefficient)

Pot 3

Bivash KumarTom DavidsonYngve StunesCeres High Flyers Alastair Blackburn Dom Lawrence Konig Luther Ben Clark

Pot 4

Kyle Hinkson Wayne Powell Jason Deely Goalzz Galore  Martino Vanwyk Steve Davies Alyssa Rania Ajay Reitz


The 17 Qualifying matches will take place over Gameweek 24 and the group stage will kick off in Gameweek 25 and will last for 6 Gameweeks before the knockout stage which will last all the way to Gameweek 38.

Here are the Qualifying ties:

Liam Jones 41 V 45 Bivash Kumar

Nicola 45 V 46 Tom Davidson

Kyle Hinkson 51 V 41 Ben Stephens

Salman Masood 48 V 50 Wayne Powell

Jason Deely  50* (82) V 50 (56) Ant

Goalzz Galore 43 V 40 TJ Brown

Yngve Stunes 51 V 43 Theodore

Ceres High Flyers 66 V 50 Chris Gore

Mrs Lesley Blackburn 54 V 62 Martino Vanwyk

Alastair Blackburn 67 V 57 Andy Penpraze

Steve Davies 54 V 42 Tom Huyton

Sean Reading 40 V 54 Dom Lawrence

Konig Luther 69 V 57 Naveen V

Ben Clark 77 V 35 Nishal

Sivesh 46 V 47 Alyssa Rania

Ajay Reitz 54 V 40 Andy Parsons

Bryan Dobbin 58 V 33 Slanche