FPL Dugout Champions League - Last 16 Preview

FPL Dugout Champions League Last 16 – First Leg Gameweek 31

Now I know teams will make transfers, but I know not what, so I’m talking current teams!

Bossdrum V BJW

So this match up sees one of our form teams BJW take on a dark horse in the form of Bossdrum. Now they have similar teams I can tell you that! Even though BJW is coming in red hot, Bossdrum has him outscored by 11 points overall, which we all know is very little. So this really is going to be a close match.

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Kompany, Silva, Siggy V Cahill, McClean, Walters. Those match ups really don’t help separate, good fixtures for Walters, but out of form, but then Kompany injured and Silva also out of form really does make this game hard to call. I’m going to punt that Walters bags a goal and a Cahill clean sheet will be enough for Sleno to predict a BJW victory.

Jon V Stiggers

Stiggers asked the question after the draw “who is Jon” … well I can’t say I know too well who he is! But I know that he scraped his way into the last 16 where as Stiggers came in flying with 4 wins on the trot!

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Cahill, Valencia, Mata V Evans, Young, Walcott. I can only see one winner in this match right now, Evans is red hot and certain to start, whereas Cahill is still a rotation risk. Young and Valencia are much of a much ness. But the real match winner for me is Walcott, yes City at home in Gameweek 32 but he is red hot right now and I expect him to carry Stiggers through for the win!

Villa Simon V Scotty B

Well well, is it the tie of the round? I sure think so! Villa Simon will be hoping to charge both the league and cup, whereas Scotty has seen his league form slip, but his cup form … well he seems unstoppable right now! But of course one has to lose … I know for sure neither will want that and I expect banter from these two. 🙂

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Rooney, Bale, Sunderland Twins V Cisse, Young, Mata. I really could list the whole teams there and not just pick 3, the teams couldn’t be any more different if they tried! Just Vermaelen the same at the back, Dempsey the same in the midfield and Suarez and RVP up top!

So … where to begin I don’t know! Simon has 2 Sunderland midfielders, which for me is an issue because of two tough games, but he has Rooney who is red hot. But then Scotty has Cisse who is hot, but inconsistent. Young and Mata between them are in a small band of players that could hit a huge score and on that basis I’m just edging with a Scotty B win, but with that said I think a couple of clever transfers from Simon could well turn it his way, I want to sit on the fence, but have just gone Scotty, say 51/49!

Tim V Geordie Ash

One of my best mates Tim, takes on the league leader Ash. Is Tim too distracted by love and is Ash’s form about to run out??? I guess in the next two weeks we shall find out!

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Pog, Silva, Lescott V Gibbs, Miyaichi and Suarez. So with that said I can see Tim has done 2 transfers so who knows if these match ups are right or not. But if they are … well I fancy one guy, that Pog guy! I can see him having a field day this Gameweek 31 and think it could be enough to send Tim to touching distance of the last 8 with the second leg still to come! Now captain choice may be the other big factor and if City fail again then Ash may well take advantage, but with similar teams I just favour Tim overall and he is my prediction.

Mesh(y) V Demi

Mesh is having the time of his life after just sneaking out of his group! Only by a better head-to-head (H2H) record did he get here, and he will be hoping for another H2H record, this time against Demi to take him through! Demi himself must be feeling pretty chuffed after knocking out Aaron on his way to the last 16!

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Walcott, Sess, Evra V Bale, Valencia, Szcneszy. I’m struggling to look beyond Bale as the real big difference in this match up, as said before Sess was back with a bang this week, but fixtures are against him. No-one would bank against more Man Utd clean sheets for Evra, and Walcott is for sure hot. But Bale … and with the side kick of Valencia. Not sure why but I just like it (maybe because they are both in my team!). But I’m going to have to go with Demi in this one, a close match for sure and another one that wouldn’t surprise me if I was wrong!

Lundi V Dudu

Dudu is rising up … rising up! But stands in his way Lundi who is full of confidence and sneaking out of his group may have been a surprise to some, but I’m pretty sure he is planning not to stop there! So Dudu will have to be ready and have his team set up just right to win this one!

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Ekotto, Silva, RVP V Sagna, Walcott, Zamora. Here we have a game with very different teams again. Strange how that works out, either pretty much all the same or all different. Now a team without RVP is rare to see for sure, but Dudu made it this far … so maybe he can win again without him? A very hard pick this and I’m really torn and have changed my mind 3 or 4 times, and I’m going to go against my gut instinct and going to plump for Lundi!. I just feel that Ba + RVP V Zamora + Yak is going to be too strong.

Tony V Daniel

Tony Tony Tony, my Pot 4 prediction … and he made it! Oh how happy I am! But in Daniel you have a mighty opponent for sure. I have noticed Daniel slide into the last 16 without much to do, and he even won his group on the last day … so inspite of all I’m about to say, watch this one … watch him close, Daniel could make things happen …

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Demps, Siggy, Suarez V Mata, Sinclair, Ba. Yes Yes Yes on all three counts for Tony for me! Demps at home could go wild, Siggy is a point magnet when he is “on it”, which over 2 games is likely to be one game at least! And Suarez… erm … well he shoots a lot. That is good eh? So its pretty clear eh! Sleno’s prediction is Sleno’s prediction (work that out) its … Tony!!!

Jakob V Owen

I’m not sure how Jakob is here, I can remember looking at Group B after a couple of games and thinking, right Alex and Scotty then. But no, and I’m not sure where he came from! But Jakob sneaked his way in, and maybe that isn’t a bad trait to have in this cup! Owen on the other hand very nicely and comfortably won his group so they have come from very different places … but now are on a very level playing field …

Three big match ups and Sleno’s Prediction:

Cheap defender, Valencia, RVP V expensive defender, Suarez, Pog. Now I know I said before that I liked the Pog, but that was when he was surrounded … I’m just a little worried for the amount of cash in Owen’s defence with not a lot of clean sheets around … so like myself Jakob has gone cheap at the back, and stacked up top with Valencia, Silva and RVP all differences. Very different approaches and very different teams. And even though I’m a little worried for Owen I like his approach and feel a lot could ride on the young shoulders of The Ox, he could be the light that Owen needs for this team to shine, close call but just on the fire power I’m going to go with Jakob!

So there ya have it! I hope I didn’t offend anyone, you have all done super to make the last 16 and some real good teams in there! So good luck to all, and may the best men win and not just the ones I predicted!

American Cup

Ok, so simply I created this so that everyone gets to play on until the very end. The banter has been great and I didn’t want it to end. So let’s put this simply, its more for fun and games and rivalry than anything else. 🙂

There will be some great match ups in the American Cup of great chatters and I foresee banter a plenty! The FPL Dugout Champions League is still the big deal, and the American Cup will get bigger as we go (see diagram for details) but the Champions League is still the big deal. So no-one get upset about that! 😛

So how it works, all the teams that are out of the FPL Dugout Champions League are in it to start, then each round of the FPL Dugout Champions League the teams that get knocked out will be chucked into the American Cup, so they also get games right until the end. What this means is the winner of FPL Dugout Champions League has 4 more games, and so does everyone else even if you lose all 4. The diagram below shows how that exactly works. 🙂

So blue are FPL Dugout Champions League games … red arrows mean you lost, green meant you won! Its not perfect, but I did it on Paint so hey not bad. 🙂


So … The American Cup 17-32 Bracket games are as follows, winners to go to 17-24 and losers to go to 25-32!!!

Aaron V Peter Gabor
Chen V 19 Times Winner
Marco Del Wattsio V Shiva
Sleno V Bryan
Siamrit Wongvichit V Mrs Potato Head
Cooky V Alex
Beat the Losers V Richard S
Tom B V Tom Howells