FPL Dugout Champions League – Group Stage Info

UPDATED: View the FPL Dugout Champions League Tables and Fixtures

With four Gameweeks of gruelling, tense and heart stopping qualifying behind us we now arrive at the group stages of the FPL Dugout Champions League and this is the place to get all the info you need!

We have whittled the competitors down to just 32, who will now nicely fit in 8 groups of 4 teams and will play home and away games against each of the other teams in their groups, as they do in the real thing.

I would like to congratulate all that have made it through, if you qualified because you are a reining FPL Dugout champion well done, if you won one or two rounds of qualifying then well done to you as well!  For those that tried and failed, thanks for trying, but read on, there might be a little something for you too!

The draw for the group stages is my favourite activity of the year. I get to make 4 awful videos drawing team names out of little bowls, and you guys have to sit through it just to find out who you are playing! I don’t know who has the worse end of the deal really!

This year’s “Pot releases” will be logical and purposeful! Each pot will be released to the waiting public during game times.  There is a very logical and solid reason for this … I love live reaction and look forward to the banter so expect a lot of people will be online at these times!

Please note that times are not exact, but will be pretty close, and they are English times. Set your alarm clocks whatever, it’s going to be exciting!

Pot 4 – Pot 4 Draw

Pot 3 – Pot 3 Draw

Pot 2 – Pot 2 Draw

Pot 1 – Pot 1 Draw

Here is the rundown of who is in which group:

Pot 4

Fille – Our foreign friend

Darren Holland – Lowly 236th in the FPL Dugout league but in head-to-head anyone can win!

Donkey Kong – Escaped from the video game to take his group stage place

Ceres High Flyers – First time qualifier, excited to be here, but is he here to have fun or win matches?

Luke Place – The only Luke remaining looking to do all his fellow Luke’s proud!

Chris Poland – With a whole country on his side how can he go wrong?

Lubo – Descendant of a rubber merchant

Rania – No relation of the pop star

Pot 3

Sean’s Blues Krewe – Our token American trying to prove his country knows more than the rest of the world think they do

Sean-tasy Football – Been there or thereabouts in the league for a while, dark pony at the very least

Chris Warnes – Runner up in FPL Dugout FA Cup

Andy Par – Success in both FPL Dugout League Cup and FA Cup, consistent player

Unicorn – Had magical abilities

Lundi – Will look to improve on his loss in last year’s last 16

Richard – Quiet, but watch out, a contender for sure

Mohamed Ali – FPL Dugout league leader and 68th in the world

Pot 2

Bryan – Consistent, dangerous, and an all round great chap!

Tony – Semi finalist last year, looking to go one round further this year

Kevo – Like his Spurs, looks good on paper, but does he have it in him to win?

Cooky – Always shows promise, but falls short, but for how long?

Scotty B – Option A or Option B?

Shiva – Newly married and distracted … easy draw

Marco Del Wattsio – If he was a crisp he would be cheesy Wotsits

BJW – If a cat is cool, BJW is cooler

Pot 1

Bossdrum – Current FPL Dugout Champions League Champion

Geord FPLH – Current FPL Dugout League Champion

Sleno – Current MSA Prediction Game Champion

Villa Simon – Current FPL Dugout League Cup Champion

Fauzan Adhitia  Current FPL Dugout FA Cup Champion

Aaron – Sits 6th in the FPL Dugout league – the “boss”

Mesh – If he was a football team he would be as good as Villa

Dudu – Sits 7th in the FPL Dugout league – an FPL Dugout ghost of the past

Right now … to answer a burning question of some …

Now for those of you who didn’t qualify there has been talk of a Europa League …

That I’m sorry to say will not be happening. Think about the real Europa League, it’s pointless and nobody cares. Now last year I ran an “American cup” which along the same lines may have been a good idea in theory, but by the time you get to a play off for 23rd or 24th place, once again nobody cares.

But I did say there was hope for you, and hope there is! For I would like to announce that the FPL Dugout Games Committee (it’s a one man committee) will be running a competition called the… FPL Dugout Last Man Standing Cup.

This cup will give a second chance to players who lost in both rounds of the FPL Dugout Champions League qualifying, as well as people who are eliminated along the way from the FPL Dugout Champions League.

This will be a full on competition, spanning from Gameweek 29 all the way to Gameweek 38, with matches every week. I have to say, I’m excited about it, I promise you it won’t be a waste of time, but a full on meaningful competition!

So sit tight, full details and draws for that will be out nearer the time!