FPL Dugout Champions League - Group stage business end

With sixty four matches played in the group stages you might expect that more than four teams would know their fate.  But that is exactly the state of play right now.  Two teams have qualified for the knock out stages, two teams have taken themselves out of the equation, which leaves twenty eight teams in limbo!  So I feel it’s best we take a little look at the state of play at what can only be described as the business end of the group stages.

Group A

Johnny Walker with an amazing record of 0 wins and 4 losses bows out of the competition, but he can still help determine who qualifies if he can finally get his act together and avoid becoming the first team to finish the group stage without a single victory!

With Johnny losing so freely it has left a very tight group with Martino and Cooky sitting in pole position with 9 points.  This week is key and things will quickly change if Ceres High Flyers (6 points) beats Martino this week.  However a win for Martino this week would see both himself and Cooky qualify with a set of fixtures remaining.

Group B

Four games for each team (Stunes, Aaron, Hints, Goalzz) have frankly been almost pointless! All teams find themselves with two wins and two losses.  Very much all to play for, two more wins for any team would see them progress, if the wins continue to be shared around then things will be a little more tricky.

Let me remind you, the first factor when teams are tied will be head to head record.  If this is unable to separate teams then goal difference will be used.  If this is still unable to separate teams the total points scored will be used.  Finally if teams are still tied whoever I like best will progress, you have been warned.

Group C

Two of our regulars, Tom B and Mesh, square up this week in what is almost a winner takes all match.  They sit on 6 points each, 3 points back off Alastair and 3 points ahead of Ajay who also face off this week.

Alastair looks in prime position to qualify but if he slips up to Ajay then we will see all four teams going into the final week with a chance at qualifying.  Very much all to play for for all four teams!  What else is there to say!

Group D

Our current champion Fauzan Adhitia is in a real battle just to get out of his group as he sits on 6 points alongside Shiva who he faces this week.  A loss for either will could be fatal if Bivash (9 points) keeps up his good form and takes down basement dweller Kyle (3 points).

A win for Bivash will see him progress, if this happens Fauzan will also qualify with a win, Shiva would need a 23 point victory to seal his qualification this week.  If Bivash loses to Kyle the group will be thrown wide open with all possibilities of qualification still very much possible.

Group E

With a draw between Sean (4 points) and Alyssa (4 points) in Gameweek 26 this group takes a very interesting complex with the loser of their match this week facing an early exit.  The winner however will have qualification in their own hands and with another win in the last match it will virtually guarantee their progress.

Ben Clark is sitting pretty on 9 points but if he was to lose to Villa Simon (6 points) this week he will have to win his last match to qualify.  Two losses for Ben however will see him wondering how it all went wrong as he will be exiting the competition!

Group F

Group F sees one of our two perfect teams.  And the reward for perfection is qualification, so congratulations to last season’s semi-finalist Sleno for booking his place in the knockout stage with two games to spare.  Luke sits second with 6 points and will be hoping to beat Sleno this week to almost guarantee his progress, even a loss will still leave him with a chance of qualifying as he is 3 points ahead of Tom and Jason who play this week.

This group still have the potential of a team qualifying with just 6 points, two wins for Sleno and one each for Tom and Jason will see three teams on 6 points.  This is where things get really complex! Remember head to head comes first, so the results from Sleno’s games will be taken out and the results between the three teams tied would be used to determine who would qualify.  It’s math that makes your head hurt!

Group G

Another group that has seen a tied match and may well have the team furthest from the knockout stage who is still in theory in with a chance of qualification!  With a goal difference of -67 and just 3 points, Steve needs to win his last two matches and have some other results go his way to qualify, but it can be done sir!

The most likely case would be two of Konig (9 points) to be joined by one of Kevin (7 points) or Bryan (4 points).  However if Steve is planning to overcome the near impossible it will mean he takes down Konig this week leaving Kevin and Bryan with an outside chance of both qualifying.  Their match this week will see the winner move into second place due to a better head to head record so all really is on the line!

Group H

Pre tournament 100/1 outsider Cheesy Wattsio has had a stormer! Four wins and a place in the knockout stage has seen his odds slashed to 98/1 to win the cup!  Dom and Tony both with 6 points face each other this week in which will most likely prove the crucial match to decide who will join Cheesy in the knockout stage.

A win by Dom will see him progress.  A win for Tony by more than 17 points will see him progress.  Only a Tony win by between 1-16 points will see this group need their final games to decide the second qualifier.  Wayne may be out, but I’m sure he will be hoping to save face in the last two weeks and put a 1 or even 2 in that win column!

So there we have it, a little Sleno review!  May the best of luck be with you twenty eight teams whose fate is still undecided, and I very much look forward to greeting fourteen more of you into the knockout stage with myself and Cheesy.