FPL Dugout Champions League - Group games half time report!

Review of the Week: Under what?

The question of underdogs has been raised this week. I would like to answer … kind of!!!

Think about the season that has been up until now … it’s been a strange one, logical choices have not always or often worked out. Luck has been a huge factor. This has all led to one conclusion in my mind which relates to the seeding for FPL Dugout Champions League. They meant very little, just a way to sort people. Let me unpack that a little more for you …

Cooky got me thinking about this today, so I will use his group as an example.

Cooky said “An awesome match between me and Geordie Ash this week with the underdog coming out on top!” How right Cooky was, two great scores, with players performing left right and centre, but the underdog coming out on top? I’m not so sure Cooky, I think you are underselling yourself!

I made a very bold prediction about Group G before any ball was kicked. I said this: “It’s Mrs then 1 from 3 for me… why Sleno you ask, I don’t know this Mrs, all I know is they are the number 4 seed”.

Well you see I do know Mrs, very well, brother well. So I know of the great footballing brain that is behind that 4th seed, I know of his dedication to the poor and needy of the world by living in Africa for the past 3 years which has limited FPL time, I know of limited access to internet, 2 young boys to look after, and I know of lots of stories of how he has lucked out, and I know that he is one mean head-to-head (H2H) player.

I think if I knew some others of you as well as I do Mrs Potato Head then I could probably put forward such a strong argument for you as well. πŸ™‚

But I don’t. So when I classed favorites and such in my mind I didn’t look at seeding, but current teams and from chat what football knowledge brain I can pick up.

I mentioned this before, the January wildcard came just before the start of FPL Dugout Champions League, which really gave the lower league players a real chance.

I do believe because of this wildcard it was a very even field. And take Tony who was what 31st out of 32nd seed? But I saw his team, liked his team and predicted him to do well, and he hasn’t let me down yet. πŸ™‚

So Cooky to you Sir! You won, and I think deserved it! And don’t think of yourself as the underdog! But have faith in yourself and your team and continue to be the gentlemen that you are in not rubbing it in to your opponent but congratulating him on a great game, which it sure was!

Enough of my ramblings, none of you really care anyways. πŸ™‚

Group A

I’m sorry to say that Beat the Losers is the only team without a win. And well the group is looking almost all but over, only 3 wins from here on in will save our own lady, and even that may not be enough!

Bryan was rocking the group, but his loss to Villa Simon this week really made things interesting.

Dudu took the chance to sneak to the top of Group A, but with Bryan and Villa Simon on the same amount of points it really is looking like 2 from 3. Which 2 though, very hard to call!

Group B

Scotty went bump this week, but held onto his number 1 spot even though Alex won and joined him on 6 points.

If Jakob wants to really haul himself into the action he will need to look to double up and beat Scotty this week and Alex will for sure need to beat Chen once again or find himself in a real dog fight!

Group C

Ste really wanted to get mentioned and he let his team do the talking this week by taking down Sleno. When Ba stepped up to take his pen if he scored Sleno would win, if he missed Ste would win, it was that simple, and we all know what happened next!

Tim won the prize of the only 100% standing and with 9 points (Ste, Shiva, Sleno 3 points) he looks almost certain to be the first man through! Unless of course Shiva gets some revenge this week and the group suddenly might not be as clear cut as it looks right now!

Group D

Goodnight! I have to say my favorite group for excitement! I mean we have 2 guys who drew week one, who now have the same goal difference and same points? Doesn’t get much better than this!

Marco did just what he needed and got his first victory, and well I would say this week really is huge from Group D … Owen, Peter, Tony, or Marco … I really couldn’t tell you who will come out on top, it really is still 100% 2 from 4!

Group E

My oh my did Aaron and Demi put on a show for us! Wins by 33 and 36 points over 19 Times Winner and Lundi really turned Group E up on its side, where our leader now has goal difference -23! Strange yes, so in group not a clue what will happen next!

Group F

Close every week, bar none here! Always a small win here and a small win there, which is shown by the close goal difference of all 4 teams. Daniel and Tom came out on top this week, but Bossdrum with already 2 wins and Siamrit still very much alive, it’s another group that is looking forward to a possible huge week!

Group G

Well from what has gone before I’m sure that Ash and Mesh will revenge Cooky and Mrs and they will be all tied up once again! This truly is the group of a roller coaster! But sometimes roller coasters come to a very sudden end, and if Cooky or Mrs or both can do the double Ash and Mesh will be starring down the barrel of an early exit!

Group H

Jon really wanted me to cover his game, and I told him that would probably mean he would lose! And lose he did! Richard decided all of a sudden that he wanted to play and rocked an impressive 71 points! Sorry Jon! Looks like you should have kept going under the radar! BJW gave Tom a smashing in the other match, and starting to feel like a parrot, I say once again, a very very open group we have on our hands!

Fixtures of the Week

I’ve said too much already!

So it’s simple, whoever you played last week, you play them again this week!

If you lost I suggest winning, if you won I suggest the back-to-back double. πŸ™‚

Please do note March 9-25 I will be in England, not Chicago and updates will be at different times. πŸ™‚

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