FPL Dugout Champions League - Group Games 2 Update and Games 3 Preview

Review of the Week: Liverpool and Cardiff do us proud to show us there is more to life than the league!

What it means …

Well it means what it says! Liverpool and Cardiff played the League Cup final, and showed the footballing world that cups are a big deal! And how that relates of course is … it means the FPL Dugout Champions League matters! Read all about it below. 🙂

The Premier league is up for grabs, but unfortunately up for grabs it seems to be the highest bidder. First it was Chelsea who had their go at buying the league for a few seasons and now it seems to be Man City.

What this has meant is teams, whoever their name, or history have had to start thinking about other ways to win silverware, earn money, keep their fans happy and try and inspire their club on!

The fantasy league may not have been bought, but it’s out of reach to many of the Champions League players. Even to our Arsenal’s who are very well respectably placed but the chance of them winning the league are slim.

Arsenal used to see the League Cup as a place to play their kids, but even they have seen it as a worthwhile activity recently! So then it’s no surprise that our very own Champions League has had a lot of interest! It’s anyone’s game you see!

The chance for the underdog, anyone can win just one game! Cardiff did the Championship proud, but it wasn’t to be! But maybe in the Champions League it might just be and that 172nd place team might just go all the way!

And then what? Well for Liverpool it’s a place in Europe, a nice big trophy, some needed cash and possibly most importantly a sense of belief once again. It was never if Man Utd overtake their league titles, it was always when are Man Utd going to overtake their titles.

Well maybe, just maybe this will be a turning point for them. They could stop being a big club with an average team, and maybe, maybe become a big club with a big team once again! So the Champions League can do the same for you!

It will inspire you! Give you confidence, and the effort it will take to win the title will only make you a better manager this year and the years to come! So dare to dream to be the Liverpool of the Champions League, dare to dream…

So onto the matches.

Bryan is not looking back with another win and another one in style – his goal difference of +43 is just huge!!! Congrats to you Sir not that at your current rate it will matter because Bryan really does look unstoppable!

Scotty seems chuffed to bits with his win this week, and well so should he! His second win, and this week against Alex has taken him into a great position in his league and is now one of the fav’s to be the first person through to the last 16!

Shiva will be seeing Caulker’s header in his dreams – both matches in Group C were that close, one goal here or there and everything would have been different! I’m sure that Sleno and Tim wouldn’t have wanted it any other way though as they both came out on top!

Marco oh Marco, I have no words for you oh Marco.

Aaron, that bonus for Simpson just didn’t come and it meant a 1 point loss against Demi. I highlighted this as one of my 2 games to watch and it sure didn’t disappoint!

Aaron wasn’t alone though as Siamrit won his match by 1 point also over Tom Howells, who even with 14 points from Aguero came out on the losing side. It was his decision to leave out Bale and 5 points on the bench that really cost Tom dearly!

Nothing much to say about Group G – beats me what is happening in that group! All I can say is … it’s the only group with all teams on 3 points!

In my other highlighted match from last week BJW came back from his close loss in Gameweek 1 and beat Richard, who will need to quickly get back on the horse if he doesn’t want to make an early exit!

Fixtures of the Week

Now things have really started to get interesting! There is not a single group with 2 teams having won both matches, which in my view is just brilliant!

Because what that means is in every group (bar the group with the draw in) every team is just 1 win behind 2nd place and that spot in the Quarter Finals! So however bad its gone thus far there is still very much hope!

Follow my maths for a minute here – imagine 1 team wins every game, and the others beat each other nicely. That would leave one team with 18 points and 3 teams with just 2 wins, 6 points, but one would qualify!!!

Or think that there is a whipping team, and they lose all 6 games, the other 3 teams beat each other nicely and then they all have 4 wins and 12 points – well one will be sent packing!

What are you going on about Sleno you ask? Well what I’m trying to do is really drive home my point, that whatever your situation is all is not lost!

You could qualify with just two wins, maybe it will take three, or possibly even four? So those of you that have had a flyer keep it up, but those that haven’t see this as your time to shine!

On this week, this is the interesting time indeed – it’s back-to-back games with the guy or girl for that matter that you haven’t played yet!

So imagine you are 1 win 1 loss, they are 1 win 1 loss, and you beat them twice, I need not do the math for you!

It’s good news that is all I’m saying! So I suggest that you look at your opponent’s team a lot, because you will be seeing it twice in a row!

I would suggest whoever you are losing both of these games might just spell the end of your Champions League dream (unless you are in a group where everyone is beating everyone! See above)

So which games do I really like? Well I will tell you!

Chen v Alex

Alex is riding high in the league for sure, but after his loss to Scotty this week his Champions League group really is in the balance, and playing against Chen, who also has 1 win 1 loss – if he happens to lose again we might be looking at the loss of one of the pre-tournament faves sooner than we thought!

Shiva v Tim

Pot 4 Tim is living the dream that is for sure! 2 wins and he is rocking Group C! But Shiva will be looking to bounce back from a tight loss to Sleno, and knows that a win of any sort will take him above Tim in the league!

Which brings me onto a rules clarification, as per real Champions League, as stated before the FPL Dugout Champions League head-to-head (H2H) is the first factor between teams, so in this example even though Tim will most likely have better goal difference – if Shiva beats him they will be on 2 wins each but Shiva will have the better H2H record so will be above Tim.

Unless Sleno also wins, as then all 3 will have 2 wins… blah blah, then it gets interesting! But all you should be thinking about really is winning all your games and if it comes down to it then goal difference is the decider!

Owen v Marco Del Wattsio

Marco is in trouble, there is no other way to look at it. In the group with the draw he finds himself 4 points behind 2nd place. Back-to-back wins over Owen would put a whole different look on the group, so Marco, I suggest now is the time!

Aaron v 19 Times Winner

Aaron finds himself in trouble that is for sure! But a win against his group leader 19 Times Winner will sure change his frown into a smile!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I live in AMERICA!!! And I don’t see the chat that much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments on the thread about anything Champions League related so I can see them!!! Thanks, love Sleno 🙂

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