FPL Dugout Champions League - Group Games 1 Update and Games 2 Preview

Review of the Week: Holy Smokes – Favourites fall like there is no tomorrow!

What it means …

Dudu, Tim, Tony, Lundi, 19times and Tom B gunned down Villa Simon, Sleno, Marco, Aaron, Demi and Richard

You may need to double take that, but it’s true all of those big guns lost this week!

Let’s focus on two of those games … He was Sleno’s pre-tournament pot 4 seed to do well and he didn’t disappoint! Up against Marco, who not only had a great name but a great nature also. Marco has come to life in the thread and chats recently and has showed himself to be confident but in no way cocky or arrogant. His confidence was more than allowed for the great progress of his team in the league, but this week his team failed him. His Bale captain choice was a great one, as predicted Spurs smashed Newcastle, but Bale just didn’t get in on the action.

Tony actually had even less help from his captain Aguero, but Assou-Ekotto sure did come through for him! His 13 points haul was enough to help him over the winning line and take down Marco.

Those who remember the draws will remember how Sleno didn’t want to be in Tim’s group. In their local head-to-head league Tim kept beating Sleno. But in Gameweek 24 Sleno beat Tim. Sleno thought he had turned a corner. I managed to get inside his head, he had done the math, he had a better team on paper, but got his win with the trio!

Do the math for yourself … Friedel + Kompany should have been 9 points and Assou-Ekotto + Lescott should have been 8 points on an average week.  Not this week: Friedel + Kompany = 12 …. Assou-Ekotto + Lescott = 28!!! Then of course throw in Adebayor … his last 7 Gameweek scores …. 2, 2, 2, 2, 0, 2, 2 … Who saw 21 points coming? I know Sleno didn’t!

Sorry Sleno but it seems like Tim still has your number! Not just your number though, with 73 points he was the top scorer of the 32 players. Just to make Sleno feel a little worse, he out scored both of the other 2 players in his group …

In the other upsets the Rooney captain call by Dudu was sure inspired and his captain score of 26 was the real headline act and helped him to win over the high flying Villa Simon. The Lescott/Assou-Ekotto double team already mentioned was more than enough for Lundi to gun down Aaron. A good overall team for Tom B helped him to win over Richard.

What is next for these favourites? Well another Gameweek. Another chance, and they already at this stage really do need a win!

In other news … Most of the games went to the expected winners I guess, but who really knows who the expected winners are!!! Peter and Owen played out our only draw of the round … very gentlemanly of you two. Congrats to Scotty who was our closest winner, beating Chen 38-37! Close one that, went down to bonuses, and was good to see them chatting with each other and the banter was positive – good on your attitudes. 🙂

Fixtures of the Week

Not a clue where to start here! I guess some of those favourites will be looking for a win to get themselves on the board, but that won’t come easy since as this week proved there are no easy games! I will just pull out 2 games to watch out for this week. 🙂

Demi versus Aaron

The above fixture stands out to me as almost a must-win for both men. Two of the favourites in the same group and both lost! So the loser will be staring down the barrel even after 2 games!

Richard S versus BJW

The above fixture throws together two top guys, and both suffering a loss in week one will be hurting! May I say to you both, good luck and even if you lose I will still consider you a great guy!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I live in AMERICA!!! And I don’t see the chat that much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments on the thread about anything Champions League related so I can see them!!! Thanks, love Sleno 🙂

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