FPL Dugout Champions League - Final Groups Standings and LAST 16 VIDEO DRAW!!!

Review of the Week: Not only do we know who the last 16 are … but we know who is playing who … and we know about something related to America!

That is right, this is a fully packed thread, firstly you get the rundown on what happened in the last group games, and from what happened you will learn who went through and who had last minute heartbreak!

After reading all about that … well it’s video time! There will be a full preview of the last 16 later in the week, so if you want to know before then who is playing who and what this America thing is about … then you have to watch the video!!! (Yes there was a hint in there, Sleno’s Surprise is something to do with America!)

So get yourself a cup of tea, biscuit and such, because here we … go …

Please note the group reviews are written before the draw has taken place. πŸ™‚

Group A – Qualified – Dudu and Villa Simon

Dudu to the rescue for Villa Simon … in a huge way!!! This group really couldn’t have finished any closer, well in the middle at least, with his win Dudu finishes way clear and with her loss Beat the Losers is sadly adrift, so then locked on 9 points are Bryan and Villa Simon …

And well head-to-head (H2H) they went so close, Simon winning by 12 in their first match, Bryan winning by 10 in their next match, which turned out not to be enough as Simon progresses on H2H record.

What a stunning finish for Simon, and well I think a close eye might need to be kept on Simon as form and maybe a little luck is on his side. πŸ™‚

Group B – Qualified – Scotty B and Jakob

Scotty just couldn’t stop winning and will be one to avoid on current form in the last 16 for sure! He took down Alex in his last group match which meant the winner of Chen and Jakob would progress.

And how close it was, they both took a 4 point hit so it was even to start! Theo sure did come good for Chen, but sadly for him the Evans success was shared and McClean and Rooney (C) was just enough for Jakob and with his win is a place in the last 16, and he is for sure a very very dark horse. πŸ™‚

Group C – Qualified – Ste and Tim

In the group where there seemed little to play for there was still time for Ste to sneak a win and the group title, which means he will have the “so called” easier game against a group runner up, but we all know that it’s a little random to say the least so I’m sure he is just happy to be in the last 16, as is Tim. Shiva managed to get some revenge on Sleno of his earlier win in the season.

Group D – Qualified – Owen and Tony

So Marco finally stepped up and won again. Good lad Marco, well good for Tony, very good indeed because Tony lost his game and had Peter beaten Marco then Tony would have been sent packing! But alas Marco did his bit for Tony and he will join runaway group winner Owen in the last 16!

Group E – Qualified – Demi and Lundi

Wow, just wow with H2H perfectly the same 37-47 then 47-37 between Lundi and 19 Times Winner meant that goal difference (GD) game into play, which Lundi came out on top, and with it a place in the last 16 by the skin of his teeth.

How thankful can he be to Jonny Evans … well an awful lot! His assist and then 3 bonus points was enough to level the H2H and take him through.

Lundi must feel like the luckiest man in the last 16, but now he is there he has just as good a chance as many I say, and well if that kind of luck carries on then don’t rule him out just yet!

Demi took down Aaron in the other match to advance and win the group.

Group F – Qualified – Daniel and Bossdrum

Daniel took down Bossdrum, which could well have sent the drummer out, but thankfully for him Samwriogangsansmalg got smashed and well it turns out that both Daniel and the Drummer boy are through!

Group G – Qualified – Ash and Mesh

So Ash beat Mesh for the group title and Mrs killed any last hope for Cooky by beating him! Mesh then ends up on the same points as Mrs, but his better H2H sends him through.

What can only be described as a very interesting group was full of twists and turns! (Can you tell I’m getting tired as my group reports get shorter? You see I still have to do the video!!!)

Group H – Qualified – BJW and Jon

Oh Jon you lucky boy … 2 losses back to back, but no-one wanted to take advantage and you sneak through!

BJW may well be one to avoid in the next round as he is red hot now and 5 wins in the group stages for sure can’t be overlooked! Congrats to him, and for his sake, long may it continue!

Last 16 Draw


American Cup Draw

Please it’s 1am, I didn’t give much info about it because I’m so tired, but if you’re going to say something mean about it … then please wait for the report to see what it’s really about before you say something mean after I spent 3 hours on Champions league tonight so please appreciate that!


As stated before there will be a full preview on the last 16 teams, and the draw in the coming day or two!

So keep an eye out for that. And if you’re interested in America, there will be a run down on that! See the video for further details. πŸ™‚

Yours as always,


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