FPL Dugout Champions League Final and MSA Update

Well here we are, 37 weeks down and just 1 to go! What a season! I feel its been a hard one to predict, meaning some better managers have had worse seasons than their talent deserves … but two of those mangers for sure aren’t Dudu and Bossdrum, who have had cracking cup seasons! But only 1 man can be crowned the Dugout Champions League Winner so lets take a look at how the first leg went …

Bossdrum 56 V 50 Dudu

So there you have it! A 6 point lead for Bossdrum! What was the difference … RVP of course! The Drum gave him the armband and reaped the reward, whereas Dudu had to settle for 4 doubled Rooney points as his captain! Neither player had a lot of other success apart from shared Dempsey and of course the clean sheet for Dudu from the one and only Tony Hibbert! It was actually Tony that managed to keep that lead down to just 6 points! Now of course its still all to play for and once again it’ll most likely all come down to the captain and probably transfers in as well! So may the best man win and be crowned Dugout Champions League Winner!

MSA headlines read: Mac does Marco, Cooky avoids headlines but has a good week, and Sleno is oh so close …

Cooky finally had a week outside of the headlines and just missed the Shrek award! His week has Aaron looking over his shoulder and even after all his problems could still need 5th!

Sleno looks pretty good up the top right now to seal the title next week, but you just never know and if one of the chasing pack can get a few spot on results … you just never know!

Shrek of the week: Mac

Well in Marco news … he got smashed by Mac, well it turns out that he was not alone though! As Mac smashed everyone with a score of 6/2/8 very well played sir! Mac seems like a great addition to the Dugout world and hope that you are around from the start next year!

Donkey of the week: Shiva, Aaron and Dudu

Oh dear, 3 heavyweights here, Shiva was making a late surge for the title, but is now 4th. Aaron was miles ahead in 5th, but now not. And well Dudu wanted to finish in the top 10, and well isn’t … 3/0/3 all round! Oh dear!

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Man City V QPR
Norwich V Aston Villa
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