FPL Dugout Champions League Final and Last Man Standing Draw

CL FINAL: Fauzan Adhitia (69) V  Aaron (61)

LMS FINAL: Sean’s Blues Krewe V Sleno

Congratulations to Fauzan Adhitia and Aaron for reaching our second FPL Dugout Champions League Final! Both have come through many battles to get to this stage, and both are very worthy finalists.

All that is left between them and the title is each other, and of course two gameweeks!

May it be an epic battle, and may the best man win!

May the best man also win the Last Man Standing competition.

Congratulations to Shiva and Richard for battling through the rounds, and also to Sleno and Sean’s Blues Krewe who join them as the losing Champions League Semi-Finalists. They will battle for the title of Last Man Standing over the next 2 gameweeks, starting this week in Gameweek 37 with…

Shiva (48)V Sean’s Blues Krewe (63)

Richard (55) V Sleno (56)

Good luck to all 6 men left, and may the best men win!