FPL Dugout Champions League and MSA Prediction Game updates

One qualifying round down, one to go is the state of play in the FPL Dugout Champions League.

MSA is just over half way through, and our runaway leader doesn’t look like letting up any time soon!

Villa Simon is that man and with a score of 1245 he is well clear of Tom B in second who sits on 1070. Things behind Tom are a little closer however and Cooky (1050), Craig (1010), Mark B (965), Scott S (950), and Aaron (940) are all within striking distance and a good week or two for any of them could see them escape from the pack and try to catch Villa Simon.

Sleno, Marco, Faurzan, Shiva, Unicorn, Scotty B, Bryan D, Gavin, Ben, Dudu, Akash, Mesh and the rest will hope that they can nail a few 3x and climb out of the mid-table abyss because if they don’t make a move soon their season will surely be over!

Now if it’s the FPL Dugout Champions League Qualifying Round Draw you’re interested in best to read on…

With an array of scores in the Qualifying round ranging from 106 to 22, there were blow outs and very tight 2 point games, and everything in between.

The 24 winners will now face a 2 legged match against the 24 “seeded” teams and the winners of these matches will take their place in the FPL Dugout Champions League Group Stage!

Here is the full draw, for which the matches will take place over Gameweeks 22 and 23:

Sean’s Blues Krewe W Konig Luther L
Sean-tasy Football W Don L
Chris Warnes W
Rick Neto L
Phil C L
Lubo W
Goonerzzz L Rania W
Andy Par W
Dizzle L
Johannes Juselius L
Chris Poland W
Unicorn W Stunes L
Mrs Potato Head L
Luke Place W
Lundi W
Sean G L
Owen L
Mohamed Ali W
Mark B L
Ceres High Flyers W
Tom B L Donkey Kong W
Richard W
Argenzil L
Alex W L Darren Holland W
Jon C L
Fille W
Bryan W
Crazy TPH L
Tony W Aatish L
Kevo W
Johnnie Walker L
Cooky W Lee Holland L
Scotty B W Luke L
Shiva W Anita L
Marco Del Wattsio W
Holland1987 L
Alyson L