FPL Dugout Champions League and Last Man Standing Draws

Well what better to do with your international break than study your fantasy team, and for a lot of you why not study your next opponent as well.

What that means is the time has arrived to release both the FPL Dugout Champions League and Last Man Standing fixtures.

I’m sorry to say due to a lack of printer, lack of time, a sleeping wife and such there will be no video for this draw. But let that take nothing away from what you are about to read, for there are battles to be won …

Champions League Last 16

1 – Richard – Through as winner of group A

2 – Donkey Kong – Runner up in group A

3 – Fille – Run away leader in group B

4 – Mesh – Scrapped through group B at the last second

5- Lundi – Comfortable winner of group C

6 – Aaron – Runner up in group C

7 – Rania – Group D victor

8 – Sean’s Blues Krewe – American group D runner up

9 – Chris Warnes – Group E winner

10 – Geord FPLH – Group E runner up by just 1 point

11 – Lubo – Runaway leader of group F

12 – Andy Parsons – Was our group F runner up

13 – Sleno – Romped to group G title

14 – Scotty B – Scraped through to group G runner up

15 – Fauzan Adhitia – FPL Dugout FA Cup champion won group H

16 – Marco Del Wattsio – Runner up of group H on goal difference

So how this works is group winners will have the pleasure of playing against a runner up in a 2 legged match (GW 31+32).

Drum roll please … (draw made via a random number generator)

15 V 4

1 V 16

7 V 10

9 V 8

13 V 2

5 V 14

3 V 12

11 V 6

And there you have it! The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League!

Now onto the Last Man Standing, where the 16 people who made a group stage exit of the Champions League will be paired against a winner from the previous round. This will be a 1 week match in GW 31.


Villa Simon V Alex W

Shiva V Alex Clark

Mohamed Ali V Mark B

Ceres High Flyers V QUYETCHIEN

Bryan V Mrs Potato Head

Dudu V Robfish

Cooky V Argenzil

Tony V Vincent

Darren Holland V Liam Jones

Bossdrum V Don

Kevo V Andy Pen

Unicorn V Dizzle

Chris Poland V Dave

Sean-tasy Football V Nicola

Luke Place V Konig Luther

And as a little Brucey bonus here are the GW 32 matches as well!

Cooky or Argenzil V Villa Simon or Alex W

Mohamed Ali or Mark B V Darren Holland or Liam Jones

Unicorn or Dizzle V Bryan or Mrs Potato Head

Dudu or Robfish V Luke Place or Konig Luther

BJW or Jon V Sean-tasy Football or Nicola

Shiva or Alex Clark V Kevo or Andy Pen

Chris Poland or Dave V Tony or Vincent

Ceres High Flyers or QUYETCHIEN V Bossdrum or Don