FPL Dugout Champions League and Last Man Standing

With the FPL Dugout Champions League group stages half way done, and the Last Man Standing competition upon us, it’s a good time to stop and take stock I feel!

So this is the place for a little Champions League update on progress so far, as well as the place where you will find out a little more about the Last Man Standing competition, and maybe even a draw!

Champions League Group Stage Update

Group A

Group A is a real tight tussle; BJW and Richard have the upper hand with 2 wins. Villa Simon looks in the most trouble with his negative goal difference, but remember, it’s H2H that is the first decider and not goal difference so a couple of wins and he could well be just fine. Donkey Kong got his first win this week and will need to continue with the wins to progress from the group.

Group B

Another tight group, where it’s anyone’s guess who will come out victorious! Mesh and Fille have the upper hand with their 2 victories but if they were to lose their matches this week then we would have an all square group, so all is very much to play for, for all involved.

Group C

Lundi rose to the top this week after defeating Aaron in the battle of the 100% records, and a repeat of that again this week in their rematch would see him into the last 16. Of course Aaron will look to reverse this week’s result; the same should be said of Bryan, for if he loses to High flyers again then his competition will be all but over.

Group D

Dudu took down the undefeated Sean to take the group lead as he joins Sean on 2 wins. The winner of their match this week will be surely a strong favourite to progress. In the other match up, Rania and Cooky will be seeing this as almost a must win, and with just 1 win each, time is running out for both players, especially if they lose!

Group E

With 3 wins from 3, Chris will be looking to be an early last 16 qualifier by repeating his success over Geord again this week. Revenge however will be on the mind of Geord who will want to put himself within touching distance of the last 16 with a win. After Darren beat Tony this week he will need to repeat the trick to keep pace with Chris and Geord, but for Tony another defeat would spell the end.

Group F

Lubo maintained his 100% record with a win this week and if he can beat Kevo this week he will all but secure his place in the last 16 and in turn boot Kevo out early. Last year’s champion, Bossdrum, suffered a defeat at the hands of Andy this week and a repeat could see our champion heading also for an early exit.

Group G

Unicorn beat Sleno in the battle of the 100%’s and Scotty beat Chris in the battle of the 0%’s which means we now have a much tigher group on our hands. Scotty’s and Chris’s match this week could be terminal for Chris if he loses. Sleno will look to get back on track by beating Unicorn or might start looking over his shoulder rather than look ahead.

Group H

Marco got his first and very much needed win this week and will need to beat Luke again this week or be looking down the barrell. Luke and Sean both have 2 wins and another win will put them in good stead. Fauzan, our FPL Dugout FA Cup winner, will also be looking for a win with just 1 on the board so far.

Last Man Standing

For the Last Man Standing competition all you need to do is win your match to progress. On the flip side of the coin just one loss will be the end. Each match will be just one Gameweek.

Now the first 2 rounds comprise of teams who failed to qualify for the FPL Dugout Champions League group stage. Round 3 will then see the 16 teams who lose at the Group Stage enter the competition.

Now this sequence of events will happen throughout the rest of the season, as people exit the Champions League they will enter the Last Man Standing competition.

Of course this may seem unfair that some people will have to play a lot more games than others, but hey … do well in the Champions League and you will avoid all the extra games! And even though there is just one winner, there will be plenty of stats about who won the most games etc which are aimed towards the early starters.

Gameweek 29 will see Round 1 of the Last Man Standing competition.

Round 1 Draw

Johnnie Walker V Andy B

Lee Holland V Fantasy football Friday
Alex Clark V Sean G
Luke V Ben Clark
QUYETCHIEN V Richard Clements
Anita V Alt_Ma
Holland1987 V Robfish
Alyson V Argenzil
Vincent V Woifi
Nadeem V Liam G + Ben J
Asif V Michael Goulding
Ellie’s Gooners V Riba de Sella
Julie V Sarah S
Rick Neto V Dave K
Siobhán V Crazy TPH
Konig Luther V Aatish

And waiting to meet the last 16 winners in Round 2 will be …

Jon C

Alex W

Tom B
Mark B
Mrs Potato Head
Johannes Juselius
Phil C
Liam Jones
Andy Pen
Scott Shaw

Good luck to all, and may the games begin!