FPL Dugout Champions League - 8 through 7 out, 17 to sort out!

Review of the Week: You’re either in, out or still shaking it all about!

In the week for big moves, big moves were made! Finally we lost some (7 on my count) and the first 8 (on my count) made it through!

Which leaves 17 still needing a win in the last week, some more desperately than others!

Of course for those that already know their destiny it’s not really like real life, where you rest the couple on yellows, but league of course still matters so I suggest you play your best team and try and secure top spot or make sure you don’t come bottom.


I will make some bold statements about who is out and who isn’t, some seem strange, but I believe them all to be true.

Please before you tell me I’m wrong take a careful look, look at every reason why, but if I’m still wrong, which I have every faith I could be in some cases please do tell me.

Also due to lack of time, it’s not as good as normal, I promise the next one will be really really good, because it might just include a VIDEO!!!

Group A

Well I did a big review on Group A, and well they didn’t disappoint! Beat the Losers won again, but alas it wasn’t enough as Dudu won as well which sent him through and I’m sorry to say Beat the Losers out. 🙁

After losing this week Simon is on the edge, and the only way he can go through is by beating Beat the Losers and hoping that Dudu does him a favour by beating Bryan.

For Bryan a win or draw would be enough, but still could go through by losing and Simon failing to beat Beat the Losers.

See how complex it still is?

Group B

Madness. Scotty is through, beyond that it’s more complex than you know! Well not really, its very simple …

If Alex beats Scotty then he goes through because he has a better head-to-head (H2H) against Jakob and Chen.

But if Scotty beats him then the winner of Chen v Jakob goes through!

Group C

Whew a simple group! Sleno and Shiva are out! Tim and Ste are through.

With every group there are stories in stories, let me share a sad one from this group …

If you look at the scores from each week Sleno came 2nd (4 times) and 3rd (1 time) but lost 4 out of 5 games! So the fixtures really did kill him it seems! Poor Sleno!

Group D

So Owen beating Peter this week sent him into the next round!

So well done to him … If Tony beats Owen then he will win the group and join Owen in the last 16 … however if he loses then Peter could go through with a win over the already out Marco then he would go through.

So of course if Marco beats Peter then the other result won’t matter and Tony will go through whatever. 🙂

Group E

Here is where we could have a 9 9 9 9 group! Our last hope!

Simple though, if Aaron, Demi or 19 Times wins they are through, whatever the score or result of the other game.

Lundi however … who knows! His goal difference (GD) is a real problem! He basically needs to win and win big and hope the other result goes his way (probably with Demi winning, then he would need to win by 11!) but if Aaron wins then it’s a whole huge mess. 🙂

So probably then Aaron and Lundi wins for a math headache. 🙂

Group F

I spent a lot of time working this one out, and not sure I did. So I’m going to just say, Tom is out and it’s best that the other 3 win their games. 🙂

However of course they can’t! Bossdrum of course is the favourite, but if he loses he might well need Tom to do him a favour and beat samawogadkgnasga! (Guessed his name there, not sure if I spelt it right or not?)

Group G

So Mesh is 2nd, Ash is 1st, and Mesh is through and Ash is not!

That is because of H2H fun, which really is fun … Cooky will need to beat the already out Mrs Potato. But not only beating him he would also need Mesh to Beat Ash …

The winner of Ash v Mesh will take the group win, but a loss for Ash will see him walking out of the FPL Dugout Champions League!

Group H

So the runaway leaders met and BJW claimed the win and the group title!

Jon is now sweating a little more than he would like! … Because Richard has a better H2H with Jon than Jon does with Richard.

So if Richard wins and Jon loses again, then it would be Richard that joins BJW in the last 16. 🙂

Whew! Sorry it wasn’t as good as normal. Good things to come. 🙂

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