FPL Dugout Champions League - 0 down, 16 to go!

Review of the Week: Everyone survives to make it to game 5 with at least a slim hope!

In a week of much excitement, some huge gambles paid off, but for others it really didn’t!

Thankfully no loss condemned anyone to an exit this week, sure it’s true that some people are a lot closer to the last 16 than others, but with the unpredictable nature of football (which is one of the reasons we all love it so much) you just never know … And I’m going to make a bold bold statement here … at least one team will go out with 9 points!

So what that means is for those of you sitting with 9 points … you are not safe! This is not the time to take the foot off the pedal … let’s take a more in depth look …

So take a sip of your cup of tea and read away, because there is a lot happening in every group … bar none!

Group A

Hurrah for Beat the Losers!!! That’s right our own lady (that I know of) decided that this was the week to shine and shine she did – smashing Dudu into the group. Sorry about that Dudu!

Bryan beat Villa Simon in the other match which means that he is alone at the top of the group.

Beat the Losers v Bryan this week is simple. Bryan wins he not only goes through, but sends our first lady out!

But and it’s a BIG but, if she does win then she not only gives herself a slim chance but more likely Dudu and Villa Simon a real chance because of her awful goal difference (GD) – it sadly does look like a case of when she will bow out and not if. 🙁

Now Villa Simon v Dudu … I will have every situation covered. I’m going to go into this in some detail and will less so with other groups, I hope then you can see how complicated Group A is and then will know your own group is also so … and maybe have fun working your own group math out!

Bryan WINS Dudu WINS … Both qualify … On the basis that Dudu would only be 1 win ahead of Villa Simon but his head-to-head (H2H) record would mean he can’t be caught.

Bryan LOSES Dudu WINS … This would mean Bryan 9, Dudu 9, Simon 6, Beat the Losers 6. However strange this may sound Dudu would qualify, but not Bryan! Because Dudu has a better H2H record against both Simon and Beat the Losers so if he was to lose to Bryan week 6 then only one of them could catch him and would have a better H2H.

Right however Bryan has a worse H2H with Simon and unknown with Beat the Losers, therefore if he then lost to Dudu last week he would be caught and most likely over taken. Clear? I hope so!

Bryan WINS Simon WINS … Well Bryan goes through, If Simon were to beat Dudu by 17 points then he also would go through. If he wins but less than 17 Simon would have to either win his last match or could even lose but hope that Dudu loses to Bryan which would be enough. Whew, still with me?

Beat the Losers WINS Simon WINS … Anything can happen because Simon and Bryan would be on 9, but playing Beat the Losers and Dudu on 6 the week after, so then it could be a 9 9 9 9 group. So this one is easy, no-one qualifies and no-one goes out. 🙂

I hope that you have worked out that next week I will have a lot of fun working out who has qualified and who hasn’t. 🙂

Group B

So Scotty took big strides towards the last 16 with a close win over Jakob who will need to win his last 2 games for any chance of progression!

Chen snuck a win right at the last to deny Alex his 3rd win and they are now both on 2 wins and 2 losses and most likely are fighting it out for the 2nd spot from this group.

Alex takes a better H2H record over Chen, so in the case they ended up alone together then Alex would go through, so Alex has a little more of his foot in the last 16 than Chen. 🙂

Group C

If you ask Sleno if he won his H2H this week he will tell you he did. And what a win it was he will say! Well he is not talking FPL Dugout Champions League! He plays another H2H league which is his pride and joy and while winning that match he lost to Stiggers again and looks about done in Group C!

Tim lost his first game this week (to Shiva) and what looked like our first qualifier is now in a right battle with Stiggers and Shiva just one game behind.

Shiva with his win also took the H2H record with Tim, so if it comes down to it Shiva might be the man smiling his way to the last 16.

This week’s games look like the real deciding week with 2nd and 3rd placed teams Stiggers and Shiva facing off with the winner most likely to progress, even with a game left.

Group D

Ah Marco. It’s going to be a tough time for you from here! Your one point loss to Owen will hurt for a while I imagine and now even with 2 wins you need other results to go your way!

Even though Marco lost to Owen this week he will now need to maybe cheer him on! 2 wins for Marco and 2 wins for Owen would see them both through!

But I’m sure Tony will be looking to get back to winning ways after losing to Peter this week who himself will look for back-to-back wins which would see him into the last 16.

Group E

19 Times Winner killed Aaron like a sniper with no heart – Gerrard and Suarez captain with Rooney to boot took him to 92 points and 2,126nd place out of 2.7 million for the week!!!

It will be a hard one to swallow for Aaron who had the 2nd highest score in the group. He will have to get back on his horse quickly because anything other than a win against Lundi (who beat Demi this week) will mean an early exit!

The group is a tight one for sure and IF Demi and Lundi won they would both join 19 Times Winner on 9 points and have a 3 way battle for 2 spots!

But for his hard luck this week I for one hope that Aaron wins this weekend and keeps the group alive for all 4. 🙂

Group F

No offense Daniel, it’s not you, but I just get unexcited about Group F, by this time I’m getting tired and well I know nothing really of the other 3 guys … if only they talked …

So let me talk about Daniel – he lost … ah sorry Daniel. 🙁

Shall I move on? So Daniel should try and win this week … yes indeed gooooooo Daniel!!!

Group G

Who knows? Who cares? Well I know that Mrs does that is for sure. Sleeping on his sofa this weekend showed that and he plans to whop some butt this weekend!

This week saw revenge on both parts as Ash beat Cooky and Mesh beat Mrs Potato …

So who knows! It’s up and down and left and right and such in this group! It’s simple:

Cooky v Mesh – Win or be in trouble
Mrs Potato v Ash – Win or be in trouble

Group H

Finally a VERY different kind of group. So Jon beat Richard and BJW beat Tom, which means the winner of BJW and Jon this week will sail through, however it is still likely the loser of that match will go through UNLESS … the winner of Richard v Tom wins their last game as well … and other results go according …

I worked out the math for this group, and well I don’t think it’s worth going into! It’s if this happens and then this, but not this etc!

Simple, win and through for match 1, lose out and out match 2. The rest will become a lot and I mean a lot more clear after week 5 games. 🙂

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