FPL Dugout Champions League launched

Here it is, it’s the big one. It’s the first ever FPL Dugout Champions League. Of course the Dugout League is the big one, but next to that it’s the Champions League. Of course the best team normally wins the league, but with a cup, it gives everyone a chance…

So maybe you have just done your wildcard, and are reallyย excitedย about your team and then you remember you’re 1,204,067 in FPL, 312 in the Dugout League and there is no hope… well now there is. You can stop those thoughts of “how are Alex, Ash and Scotty so high in the league, and I’m so low… I’m better than them…” Because now there is a chance for you to prove yourself. So if you’re having an average season or an awful one even, there is still hope, maybe the league title is out of site, but the Champions League is very much an even playing field right now!

So maybe you’re doing great, and loving it! Well then what is better than say winning the league? It’s called the double! Who wouldn’t want to win the double! I know for one I sure do!!!

Basically whoever you are, the FPL Dugout Champions League is something that you want to be in and try and win.

So here are the details:

The format is just that of the regular Champions League, groups of 4 with home and away games, then last 16,ย Quarters, Semis and of course the Final. So what that means is 32 teams…

Sign up (GW 23)

Draw (GW 24)

Group Stage (GW 25-30)

Last 16 (GW 31-32)

Quarters (GW 33-34)

Semis (GW 35-36)

Final (GW 37-38) (I know the regular Champions League is 1 game, but in Dugout it will be a 2 game deal)

Now, how do you play you ask, to play all you need to do is sign up now, once you have signed up that is the end of your participation.

How to sign up… please just post your name… and a link to your team, please see the example if you don’t understand!