FPL Dugout Champions League - Group Stage Round 1 (GW 25)

Review of the Week

Being Week 1 there is no Review! Just a nice chance to say thank you to Aaron for his hard work creating the table and fixtures page! This can be found at the bottom of the page and I’m sure it’s something you will be looking at a fair amount so why not take your first look now and admire Aaron’s hard work! So thank you again Aaron!

The Champions League set up will be a simple one, each week there will be a post like this one which will tell you a little about the previous results and then give you a preview of the games to come and I will take a chance to highlight any “big games”.

If there is anything else you would like to see each week then please do ask and if it’s possible I will make it happen!

Fixtures of the Week

Well of course with it currently being a level playing field it’s hard to pick the match ups! And since I have been so busy I haven’t had time to study everyone’s teams enough! So this week I’m just going to choose the fixtures I feel like, which is pretty much based on the people I know! So for a better chance to have your fixture talked about you should probably comment away in this thread 😛 (hint hint).

For those that are wondering how the fixtures were worked out … I will tell you! They follow the exact same format of the real Champions League! Yes it’s that simple!

What this means is it’s 1 seeds v 4 seeds and 2 seeds v 3 seeds. So this week it’s a real chance for the 3 seeds in my mind, they were close to being a top seed, so why not prove it right away that they were wrongly seeded and beating possibly their biggest rival week 1 would be a great start! Then we can’t not think about the 4 seeds … no pressure on them I guess against the 1 seeds? But what if some of those 4 seeds go ahead and win? That would put the cat amongst the pigeons for sure! Good luck to everyone in their first game and may the best teams win!

Bryan has the honor of taking on our first lady this week! Good luck Sir! Simon will be looking to take his league form into his game against Dudu.

Scotty will be trying to turn his season around after a few tough weeks with a game against Chen. They will be taking a close look at Alex, their top seed who is playing against Jakob.

Sleno has to take on his friend Tim, who has some sort of Vodoo Head to Head curse on him, which will be interesting to see if it continues in CL. Shiva takes on Stiggers in the same group which is bound to be a great game!

The delightfully named Marco Del Wattsio takes on Tony, who is the 4th seed form horse and is Sleno’s tip for an upset! Peter and Owen meet in the other game.

Aaron meets Lundi in his first game and will be looking to get off to a quick start! Demi and 19times will also be looking to get points on the board early!

Daniel will be trying to get over his RVP’less week with a victory against Tom. The unknowns of Siamrit and Bossdrum are the other match up.

Mesh takes on Cooky, and Ash takes on Mrs Potato Head in the group that possibly contains the most active chatters, so no doubt there will be some banter and tears coming from those 4 guys!

B … BJ … BJ … BJW!!! He starts his campaign off against Jon, where Richard (Sleno’s dark horse tip) has a match up with Tom B.

Let the games begin!

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