August - An FPL Dugout Review

As each month comes to an end, we’ll take a little time out to review the previous month.

We start with reviewing the Premier League, then move on to Fantasy Premier League and the FPL Dugout League, and finally MSA Prediction Game.

The format will be along the same lines as last year’s MSA posts for anyone that was around to remember them. If you weren’t then you will figure it out pretty quick. For a little clue…

Rooney = Shrek = The best of the best

Heskey = Donkey = The worst of the worst

So read on for your first monthly review of the year…

Premier League

The Premier League started with a bang with both Fulham and Swansea hitting 5 on the opening day, and even though most teams have only played 2 games, things are already starting to look a lot clearer than they did in pre-season.

Shrek – Swansea

The Shrek of August was a really tough call, it’s hard to look beyond Chelsea who have won 3 from 3. However they weren’t as convincing as I would have liked. Having tipped them pre-season to finish top 3, I am happy with their start, but I think the real tests will come when they meet the big teams, and only then we will see if they can push for the title after a few years of indifference.

Since I didn’t choose Chelsea it was down to the other two 100% teams. Everton have been amazing. For a team that starts slow every year, this one has been a breath of fresh air to all their fans. As with Chelsea, time will tell, and even though they had a classy win against Man Utd, tough away games may take their toil, but if they stay strong they could be a dark horse for a Champions League spot.

Now I’ve almost talked myself out of Swansea after thinking more and more about Chelsea and Everton, but I shall remain with them. They were one team I had an eye on to have a shocker of a year, I laughed at Vorm being 5.5, and now it’s the people that faithfully backed him who are laughing after back-to-back clean sheets.

They haven’t just been good at the back. As I said in a previous article: no Siggy, no Allen … no problem! And of course, no Rodgers either! Micheal Laudrup has come in and put his stamp on the club, and so far has gone far and above probably even his own hopes and expectations.

With 8 goals for and 0 goals against, they have been red hot. Dyer and Routledge look like new players under Laudrup, and Michu, De Guzman and Chico have more than filled the gap by the departing players. Sure there will be times when Swansea fail, but right now they are riding high as the Shrek’s of August.

Donkey – Arsenal

Could easily have been Villa who have lost both games, or Norwich and QPR who both shipped 5 in Gameweek 1, but it was Liverpool who have run Arsenal the closest.

You may say that Arsenal have 2 points and sit 12th in the league, but it’s the manner of the results … 0-0 and 0-0. The defence has looked more solid than before, but with the amount of injuries they will no doubt rack up, nobody knows how long they will keep safe at the back.

The real reason for the award is the blanks against Sunderland and Stoke. Sunderland came without a decent striker in sight, sat back and asked Arsenal to break them down, and they failed. The game against Stoke from what I have heard was just plain awful. So I’m sorry Arsenal, but you are going to have to step it up if you think you’re going to get anywhere near the top 4!

Fantasy Premier League

What a couple of Gameweeks that was – some are licking their wounds and some are living the dream! I think you might have needed our Shrek to be really riding the dream right now.

Shrek – Hazard

Any other month Michu would have taken this award hands down, and to be fair to him, he has a better score per game than Hazard does, since he only played twice. Ivanovic had a pretty stonking month himself and the return to goals of Fernando Torres can’t go unnoticed.

But the impact of Hazard is just unreal. Read this and really think … over 200,000 players have brought in Hazard this week and he doesn’t have a game! That is truly unreal. From under 10% ownership pre start of the season, he has coasted over 30% already and is rising every single day. His score of 34 points, from 3 games, all double figures, is just head turning!

Donkey – Rooney

Oh Wayne, you have won the wrong award. No doubt he will win a Shrek award this season (or come close) but August is a month to forget. First he just scored 2 points playing against Everton as Man Utd lost their first game. Then he was benched in favour of RVP. Then his chance came, and as the most captained player of the week, he had to deliver… and he delivered himself right to the treatment table. 1 or 2 months out depending on which report you read: ouch Wayne ouch.

FPL Dugout League

With nearly 600 players, the FPL Dugout League is rocking this year, and with a lot of new names at the top of the leaderboard, only time will tell if some of the old FPL Dugout boys can rise to their previous years standing, or if the names we see now we can get use to as they become the regulars at the top of the league.

Shrek – Johannes Juselius

There is no contest here, Johannes is ripping it up! 3rd in the world! Yes the whole world. Over 2 million players and Johannes is 3rd! Now for you critics, you might be saying he is just some random guy, but I tell you no! Johannes came on the chat the other night. Aaron and myself were able to have a good chat with the guy (who happens to speak Finnish), and he is a true gentleman. Not one to boast about his success, but a modest man, and Johannes, long may your success continue!

MSA Prediction Game

With 24 players (you can still join if you wish!) in MSA this year, it seems that the competition is as good as ever.

Shrek – [email protected]

For those who got bored of Sleno being at the top last year, then it’s happy days because there is a new name in town, and it’s [email protected]

With a score of 185, he is romping the league, and Sleno (135) and Cooky (110) are the only other guys over 100. But if you know anything about the scoring format you can score 90 in one game, or lose 30! So it will take a little while to settle down, but [email protected] sure has had a good start!

Donkey – Don

Oh Don, one of 5 players in the negatives, and -80 isn’t going to win you anything else but the Donkey award! Banking all on Southampton was a huge problem as they lost to Wigan, but as with the leaders, it’s still early down the bottom and there is plenty of time for Don and the other negatives to rise up the league!