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Sit back and relax, its your Champions League, MSA and American Cup update!!!

Champions League Semi Finals Update

Well a big congratulations to myself for drawing the teams together in such a way that both games are so close! Just take a look for yourself …

Tony 63 V 64 Bossdrum

The Cisse captain along with the Hart and Simpson clean sheet helped Tony to a very good score of 63, but strangely it wasn’t enough for a lead. Sharing Rooney with the Drum meant his 13 points didn’t count either way, but with 3 cleans from Mignolet, Kompany and Sagna and a captain assist for Tevez the Drum was able to continue his amazing run of high scores and take a lead, well ok its only 1 point, but a lead none the less into this massive week!

Massive because its the 2nd leg, and massive because of the extra games! The injury to Ekotto today really has hurt Tony I feel but with neither teams having a huge amount of DGW’ers in their sides it is hard to call, because I expect big changes from both sides.

So this game really couldn’t be better balanced, which I am chuffed about, since its taken so much for both of these teams to get here, it is great to see them both scoring so well! May it be another high scoring week and I’m sure a tight finish will be the end result!

Dudu 46 V 43 Jakob

Maybe not such a high scoring match as game 1, but almost as close. Swapping Man City captains about evened itself out, but it was the other side of Manchester that did the real damage in this tie. With players failing left and right for Dudu Rooney stepped up and the 13 points he bagged clearly helped as he only won out by 3 points!

Now as said in the past this is wildcard week for Dudu, and I’m sorry Jakob but for me this only spells the end of your Champions League journey … but of course stranger things have happened, so Sir if you want to stand a chance, I say be bold! Bold transfers, bold captain, say a little prayer, because it is Dudu’s to lose, that is for sure …

MSA Headlines read: Moving and Shaking

I can always tell the amount of movers and shakers by the amount of names I have to delete and then re-enter in a different position! And this week for sure was a movers and shakers week!

With just three weeks to go in the season things are hotting up all over the league, Sleno looks to have got himself enough of a lead that it is hard to think he will be caught now, but there is a pack behind him of 3 that will try their best, and if they come up short, well there are only 3 spots on the podium and Ash, Villa and Shiva are all within a point of each other, so 2nd and 3rd are very much up for grabs!

Aaron doesn’t know which pack to be in, and finds himself a little lonely in 5th, but 1 good or bad week will see him join a pack for sure! But which one is the question!

Then comes the “teens” with 7 players seperated by 7 points with places 6-11 all very close I’m sure that all will want to finish in the top 10 and 1 bad week could see anyone of them slip outside!

Then we have Tom, BJW and Stiggers racing to 100, all being in the mid 90’s its anyone game, and I’m sure that being the best of the rest is their aim now.

Then there is Marco, another man down this week and more in sight! 15th looks like his best shot now, which isn’t too bad, not 1st Marco, but not bad. 😉

Shrek of the week: Sleno

Feeling the pressure from behind Sleno kicked on this week with a score of 5/3/8 to give himself a little breathing space, and another Shrek award next week might see him put one hand on the MSA title!

Donkey of the week: Cooky

So three in a row, then he misses a week, they say form is temporary, well with Cooky it is not that temporary as he scoops yet another Donkey award, this week with a 2/0/2, ouch Cooky ouch!

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American Cup Brackets

(Time is a little short right now, just click on the teams to see the scores)


Geordie Ash V Villa Simon

Demi V Jon


Mesh(y) V Scotty B

BJW V Stiggers


Daniel V Lundi

Tim V Owen


Tom B V Chen

Richard S V Aaron


Alex V Mrs Potato Head

Sleno V Shiva


Bryan V Marco Del Wattsio

Peter Gabor V Cooky


Siamrit Wongvichit V 19 Times Winner

Tom Howells V Beat the Losers


Everton v Fulham
Stoke City v Arsenal
Sunderland v Bolton
Swansea v Wolves
West Brom v Aston Villa
Wigan v Newcastle
Norwich v Liverpool
Chelsea v QPR
Tottenham v Blackburn
Man City v Man Utd
Liverpool v Fulham
Stoke City v Everton
Chelsea v Newcastle
Bolton v Tottenham