3 in 1 - FPL Dugout FA Cup Final, Champions League Qualifiers and Punt of the Week

Firstly let me say congratulations to Fauzan who managed to win the FPL Dugout FA Cup in a close match – so close in fact they were level on 51 points. The method of count-back came into effect and Fauzan beats Chris Warnes due to a better previous round score.

Fauzan will now take his place directly in our premier competitions group stage without having to qualify. That competition is of course the FPL Dugout Champions League.

Now of course you are going to need a star player to help you as the competition is kicking off, and look no further than this week’s punt: Mr Ian Harte.

Yes I know that Marco recommended Harte’s left-back competition, Nicky Shorey, a couple of weeks ago, but that was a huge mistake. This is not. With the winter wildcard just around the corner you are only looking at short term players. Ian Harte currently has the place in the team and all set pieces at Reading nailed.

They almost kept out Man City and did keep out Swansea and with West Ham and West Brom due at the Madejski in the next 3 Gameweeks, there is both attacking and clean sheet potential.

At 3.8 million he is cheap as it comes and will free up funds for that player you have your eye on – like Bale, Suarez and so on. So pick yourself up a bargain today and sign Ian Harte! Only 1.3% ownership!

Now to find out who will join Fauzan in the group stage and all the details of qualifying best to read on…

He will be joined in the group stages by the following players:

Bossdrum – Current FPL Dugout Champions League Champion
Geord FPLH – Current FPL Dugout League Champion
Sleno – Current MSA Prediction Game Champion
Villa Simon – Current FPL Dugout League Cup Champion
Aaron – No1 ranked FPL Dugout Coefficient
Mesh – No4 ranked FPL Dugout Coefficient (No2 and No3 have already qualified via other means)
Dudu – No5 ranked FPL Dugout Coefficient (No2 and No3 have already qualified via other means)

Now if you’re not one of those 8 players and you entered you will have to qualify in some way shape or form.

The following 24 teams are “seeded” and will skip the first round of qualifying first round. They will all play a 2 legged match against the winners of the first round of qualifying in Gameweeks 22 and 23 for a place in the group stage.

Alex WAndy ParBJWBryan, Chris WarnesCookyGoonerzzz, Johannes JuseliusJon C, KevoLundiMarco Del WattsioMark BMrs Potato HeadOwenPhil C, Richard, Sean-tasy Football, Sean’s Blues KreweScotty B, ShivaTom BTonyUnicorn

Everyone else will play in the first round of qualifying which will be a 2 legged match (gameweeks 20 and 21) as set out below:

Liam Jones V Konig Luther
don V Siobhán
Andy Pen V Rick Neto
Lubo V Julie
Rania V Ellie’s Gooners
Dizzle V Asif
ChrisPoland V Nadeem
Stunes V Vincent
Nicola V alyson
Scott Shaw V Holland1987
Andy B V Anita
Fantasyfootball Friday V luke
Sean G V Alex Clark
Ben Clark V Lee Holland
Richard Clements V Johnnie Walker
alt_ma V Aatish
Robfish V CrazyTPH
Mohamed Ali V dave K
Ceres High Flyers V Sarah S
DonkeyKong V Riba de Sella
Argenzil V Michael Goulding
Woifi V Fille
Darren Holland V Liam G + Ben J