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5-a-Side Challenge - Gameweek 3 - Aaron

In July, I announced a new weekly feature – the 5-a-Side Challenge. Each week, one of us will pick a 5-a-side team for the upcoming Gameweek. The team must not exceed a budget of £35m, and you can only have one player from the same team. In addition, the team must conform to a 1-1-2-1 formation.

It’s now my pleasure to kick off the feature, so I give you my 5-a-side outfit for Gameweek 3, which comes under budget at £33.3m.

GW3 Something for the Weekend?

OK, I’m back from my hols and now ready for the new season albeit a couple of weeks late, hence my 1.9m poor start!

I thought I’d write a new regular feature sharing my thoughts for the upcoming GW whilst perhaps highlighting certain players that may give us the edge on our rivals in our mini-leagues.

Introducing the 5-a-Side Challenge

Firstly, a massive thank you to Kevo for running Star Player and Punt last season. It produced some great recommendations and we all enjoyed the banter when things didn’t quite work out.

Looking ahead, I’d like to introduce our new weekly feature for the coming season – the 5-a-Side Challenge.

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